Say Goodbye to Clay Pipes!

Clay is one of the oldest piping materials around today. It dates back to 4000BC in Babylonia. It used to be that verified clay pipe was the main material used for sewers from the 1880s through the 1900s. Because of how heavy the pipe was, it was delivered via water or rail transport. Before those systems …

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Affordable Flooring

Being a homeowner is expensive – we know that. Which is why here at Luxury Flooring we offer the cheapest flooring and are guaranteed to meet any like-for-like price. So allow us to talk you through the ‘cheaper’ flooring options, but please don’t be mistaken, there is nothing cheap about the quality of our products. Laminate flooring – a great replica of hardwood flooring but at a much lower cost, laminate flooring is a fantastic alternative to hardwood and is available in a range of colours and designs, making it incredibly versatile to have around the home. Unlike solid wood, laminate is waterproof so it doesn’t matter if you have spillages, as well as being easier to clean it is also incredibly easy to maintain, because once it’s fitted there’s really nothing else you have to do with it! Starting at a mere £14+ per square metre, we give it a solid 10/10 for cost effectiveness! Vinyl flooring – Similar to lino, vinyl flooring is water-and stain-resistant, versatile, and provides good durability for the cost. Vinyl flooring has all the aesthetics of wood flooring without the worry of maintenance or cost, making it a perfect alternative if you’re working with a budget! Our vinyl flooring starts at just £13+ per square metre. Engineered Wood – If you’re looking to achieve that classic, contemporary look but you’re not keen on the cost of solid wood flooring then engineered wood could be the best option for you. Not only is engineered wood a better bet for your wallet, it is even stronger than solid wood due to the way that it is constructed, so in effect you’re paying less for a better-quality product. Winning! Just like with a car, flooring needs a service every so often too. General upkeep of your floor can …

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Living Outside The Box: Cost-Effective Residential Solutions

How To Live Big On Less There is a surprising trend in living today which has facilitated a marked decrease in traditional residential expenses. You may have seen this in several forms. There’s the “tiny home” movement, and there’s also the “van-dwelling” movement. Both of these solutions make it possible for people to cut basic …

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