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There’s a common misconception that a beautiful garden and a handsome home comes at a heavy cost. Here at Affordable Comfort, we prove that you don’t need to splash the cash to have a home that makes people go “oooh!”

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Meet Nature Halfway


House & Home

We believe that a house should be a home. A sanctuary to leave the troubles of the outside world behind and relax, let us show you how to make that happen.


Garden Care​

How to grow your own food and set up your garden for parties of moments of solitude…and how to maintain your garden for all seasons.


Do It Yourself

We can advise you from beginner to expert level DIY projects in and around your house and garden.


Interior Decor

Furnishing and decorating your room can be a little intimidating, hopefully our experienced tips and tricks can make it easier and more fun for you.

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affordable Comfort

Amy Markite here, that’s right, folks… I’m a lady who DIYs! As a child, my dad was my best friend (he still is) and I’d follow him around the house and garden, helping him put things together, paint rooms and I’ve never been scared to get my hands dirty.

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Want a garden pretty enough to watch sunsets, but also spacious enough to host BBQs? Need some DIY help for your furniture, or feng shui for your bedroom? We’ve got you covered.