6 Stereotypes That Prevent You from Building a Happy Relationship

Every grown-up person has his or her own scenario of a perfect relationship. But despite our personal reveries and views on ideal romance, many of us tend to believe in the existence of an ideal sweet couple. Numerous relationship stereotypes are deeply ingrained in our conscious. They often mislead and prevent us from being happy.

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Singleness and Loneliness

No one likes to be single. Loneliness is not for singles only. Single people aren’t the only ones who get lonely. Unmarried people have to cope with their loneliness, but loneliness of a married person is like temporary period of life, because this is a sign that the marriage will be over sooner or later.

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The usual idea about dating seems to have passed into oblivion. Most of too modest girls and extremely shy guys were left somewhere in the previous century and the things which were unheard of in the past aren’t anything out of the ordinary nowadays. Today it’s not necessary to ask for your parents’ permission to


Is love still a thing?

The world is changing and so are the people who inhabit it. What was once a traditions-based planet is now subsiding towards progressive attitudes; with people moving away from religion and looking at science for their answers. When you look at the media and the commercial world, it feels like values are being lost and

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