Is love still a thing?

The world is changing and so are the people who inhabit it. What was once a traditions-based planet is now subsiding towards progressive attitudes; with people moving away from religion and looking at science for their answers. When you look at the media and the commercial world, it feels like values are being lost and replaced with ideas which are being sold to us for profit; and this can be definitely applied to the world of dating. With so many dating websites trying to make money out of people’s natural desires to find their other half; it begs the question: is love still real or is it a product of modern marketing?

Love has always been sold

This might sound like a harsh rationalisation; but the truth is that many people have made money out of our predispositions towards coupling. Look at wedding rings for example; is it really that necessary to spend a big part of your earnings to buy a precious metal and mineral that might well be a result of exploitation of resources and people in another country? If love is so pure then surely it shouldn’t require any monetary value attached to it. Also; why are weddings so expensive?

The only necessary legality for a union to be considered official is to go to your town hall and sign the registry; so why the need for the luscious ceremony and all the presents? The truth is that we don’t need all those things but we are lead to believe they are important from a very early age; with all the media and religions around us imprinting those ideas into our heads.

Is online love any different?

Dating websites are all about making money out of love; but at least they offer us something in exchange. When you pay for a subscription to a site; you pay for access to other people; whether you are looking for love or just looking to get filthy with some dirty chat. As such it doesn’t feel that paying for a service is unnecessary; as you actually get something for the money you’ve spent. Sure online dating might feel a bit like a numbers game but you can still end up meeting someone you will actually love. Just because you’re chatting online doesn’t mean that the feelings aren’t there. In the case of online dating; the internet is merely used as a platform for communication rather than a virtualization of love.

So what does that mean?

We are all human and as such we are mostly capable of feeling. As long as no one takes that ability from us then love will always remain a true thing. It is up to us to make the difference between something that is intrinsic to us and something that is being sold to us. The truth is that our feelings will always be exploited for financial gain as that is unfortunately also in our nature. Just ask yourself: ‘am I really feeling this or has the idea been pushed on to me?’ That way you’ll have a better control over what you really feel; and you will find that love is still there despite all the commercial nonsense.