Singleness and Loneliness

No one likes to be single. Loneliness is not for singles only. Single people aren’t the only ones who get lonely. Unmarried people have to cope with their loneliness, but loneliness of a married person is like temporary period of life, because this is a sign that the marriage will be over sooner or later. Sure, loneliness is part of reality for many single people. Being in official relationship doesn’t mean the automatic absence of the loneliness.

We can be lonely because of our constant seach for the strongest and deepest feelings to someone of the opposite sex. Having experience in relationship, it is much more difficult to find someone unique to love. The pain and devastation after marriage breakdown comber the soul to be free in falling in love simply and unconditionaly. Something gives a hint to be careful with your heart to open. Divorsed people need to see that the happiness is possible and it does exist, even thou they are afraid of embarrassments related to some needful changes in their lives. In many ways the marriage can be the solution to loneliness.

Lonely singleness is terrible and meaningless. Most people hate being single. There is an other side of singleness. Each period of life is unique to each person, so we have to use this opportunity. There are real benefits in singleness. You may consider this period of time as dull and useless, deprived of pleasure. Singleness should not be considered as a problem, it is not related to the notion of “selfishness” at all.  As an unmarried person, you have a unique freedom that will allow you to serve in ways that may not be possible with a family. Enjoy the freedom your schedule allows. Focus on the bisiness, go on mission trips, build deeper relationships with friends and friends.

Dating is a great invention of our civilization, this is a central part of our society. Dating is so much a part of our culture and a modern-day prerequisite for engagement. Why not to date a woman you liked in the café? Why not to gate a Russian or Ukrainian girl, whose pictures you found in the social network recently? Why not to use services of a marriage site, such as Vava Brides? People even invented words “boyfriends” and “girlfriends” and the notion of commitment to someone who is not your spouse yet. Should we really be giving ourselves away emotionally, romantically and sexually to someone who is not already our husband or wife? Dating is a kind of a game. Men usually cheat women by talking about marriage during their first conversations. But clumsy conversations about intentions are much better than the heartbreak later. A possible relationship will not magically change everything to the better.

Before the sexual revolution, men would pursue a woman toward marriage. Nowadays a man pursues a woman to be in a dating relationship. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just makes things quite complicated. We have sexual desires, and these desires aren’t sinful. Only sexual lust is a problem. The marriage can not eliminate the lust. If the lust was a part of our lives while being single, we’ll continue to think about the lust to others when we’re married.  Second, if only makes you marry, it is a terrible reason for marriage. Finally, it is most likely, you pay for this by the price of divorse.

Anyway, we have to take a risk. Meet and date somebody as soon as possible and invite her into the amazing journey called Life!