How To Know You’re In A Relationship With The Wrong Person

Image Credit: DatingRing

Being in a good relationship is one of the most empowering, invigorating and wonderful experiences that you can have, the idea of spending your time with someone that adds value to your life and brings out the best in you is one that millions of people look for, and it can be hard to find. Many people want this so bad that they sometimes fool themselves that they are indeed in that type of relationship when in fact, they aren’t. Unfortunately, there are millions of people around the World who are in a relationship with the wrong person but the question is, how can you tell if you are in the relationship with the wrong person? Here are some tips to help you find out if your partner is truly for you.


They Appreciate You

Being appreciated is an intrinsic part of a successful relationship, and your partner should appreciate you for who you are. In a relationship it is important to bend yourself slightly to work well with your partner but you shouldn’t have to change yourself completely. A relationship should never be one sided and if your partner doesn’t appreciate who you are or what you do for them then perhaps they are not the one for you.


In any relationship there will be disagreements and squabbles, perhaps the odd fight but if this becomes a regular feature in your relationship then obviously something isn’t right. There will be times during your relationship that you will experience stressful phases, perhaps due to a new job, a bereavement or anything else that can put stress son your relationship, during these times you will naturally be at odds a little more often. Away from times like these however you shouldn’t be fighting regularly with the person you love and if you are, then perhaps it is time to look for something new.


People don’t lie to people that they love or that they have entered into a partnership with, if you find that your partner regularly lies to you then you need to ask yourself why you are still there. People make mistakes and an odd lie ca be forgiven if there is sufficient justification. Regular lies mean that you are with someone who cannot be trusted and that is the type of person who you cannot stay in a relationship with.

Lack of Support

If you have a partner who constantly wants to tell you that you can’t do something or someone who doesn’t support your decisions or dreams then they are not the person for you. Being in a relationship means being a united team and you should both be equally supportive of each other. The role of being supportive isn’t about saying yes to everything that they want to do, it is about working with them to help them in any way that you can in order to make them happy and fulfill their potential.