6 Stereotypes That Prevent You from Building a Happy Relationship

Every grown-up person has his or her own scenario of a perfect relationship. But despite our personal reveries and views on ideal romance, many of us tend to believe in the existence of an ideal sweet couple. Numerous relationship stereotypes are deeply ingrained in our conscious. They often mislead and prevent us from being happy. If you want to build a healthy relationship, you should immediately get rid of the popular stereotypes. Relationship experts behind the dating site for the single men who want to meet Russian females for marriage prepared a list of stupid myths you should get out of your head.

Myth #1. There is no room for disagreement in an ideal relationship

Surprisingly as it may seem but conflicts and fights indicate that your relationship is still alive. Even if now you live in a complete harmony, there is no guarantee you’ll always agree on everything.  A good relationship is not the one that is conflict-free but the one where partners can settle controversies and find a compromise. In an unhealthy relationship, partners make scenes, fall out with each other, and nurse a grudge. Healthy couples do their best to resolve the existing conflicts by talking things over and finding a solution.

Myth #2. Ideal couples get married in the long run

If everything goes smoothly between two partners, people usually prognosticate that these two will inevitably tie the knot. If the couple makes an impression of an ideal union, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will get married one day. They may not be ready for commitment but the society stereotypically expects a serious step from them. People should understand that the questions of marriage and starting a family are too personal and nobody can foretell whether this couple will break up soon or get married. Things are different on the inside.

Myth #3. An ideal couple: man is a breadwinner, woman is a homemaker

This commonplace stereotype makes many partners doubt their relationship. As a result, they think there is something wrong with them and it affects their relationship. There are some couples in which a woman is a leader and a man is a homemaker. And it’s absolutely OK. The best scenario is the parity when you don’t focus on each other’s roles in your relationship.

Myth #4. Ideal partners don’t notice other people around

It’s natural that we’re attracted to other people, especially of the opposite sex. If an image of a handsome guy (not her boyfriend) flashed through girl’s mind or if a guy was caught looking at some other woman, it’s not a crime. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with this couple. Cheating is the indicator of an unhealthy relationship but an innocent interest in the opposite sex will do no harm to your relationship if you trust each other.

Myth #5. “My partner understands me without words”

This trite phrase can be often heard in movies. Unfortunately, you can’t read your partner’s mind, so you have to learn to communicate effectively. Many couples break up before they get to know each other well enough. Many women get disappointed in men because they fail to reveal their strong points. The secret of happy couples lies in their ability to talk, listen, and work out problems.

Myth #6. Man and woman are two halves of one whole

According to this stereotype, a single person is defective while in reality, your happiness doesn’t depend on your marital status. “We are whole” should mean similarity of souls, views, and interests, not that you can’t exist without each other.