The usual idea about dating seems to have passed into oblivion. Most of too modest girls and extremely shy guys were left somewhere in the previous century and the things which were unheard of in the past aren’t anything out of the ordinary nowadays. Today it’s not necessary to ask for your parents’ permission to get married and it’s not that critical to get their approval of your choice. Moreover the wide spread tendency not to register marriages lead to the appearance of such a term as ‘civil marriage’ and more and more people prefer this way of relationship. There is no need to dig out the reasons of these phenomena, this is the reality which we are living in and even if your own moral principles are different from the modern ones you have nothing to do but to accept the situation.

In the past a girl couldn’t even dream of going out without being escorted either by her parents or by her maid. Nowadays you can travel anywhere with a person who you have never seen before. It has not been that wide spread so far but there is an increasing tendency for people of all ages to use this way of dating.

So let’s speak about it in details.

  1. Much more pleasant way of dating

There a lot of websites on the Internet which offer people to find somebody to travel with. The main idea is not the journey itself, of course. These websites help you find a person of the opposite sex who can become your other half in the future. You have an opportunity to see the person’s photo, read his or her profile, communicate a little and all in all decide to know each other better while traveling and spending your time in a more pleasant way than just sitting in a café or walking in a park. If you like the idea of such a dating then you’ll need a girl to travel with. Why not to find one at

  1. Chance to know each other better

Traveling and spending a lot of time together isn’t the only advantage of such kind of dating. As for girls, not everyone can afford to travel abroad and men usually pay expenses. As for men, some days spent with the girl will tell you much more about her than just emails or short meetings somewhere in a restaurant or movie theatre. Besides, this is an advantage for girls too. And if you are a man and if you are looking for your perfect match at the moment then we would advise you to search among Russian girls who are usually very beautiful and kindhearted.

  1. Trip you will never forget

One more positive thing which is connected with this kind of dating is bright and lasting impressions. Even if you understand that your date isn’t your perfect match you will see so many beautiful places that you will never forget this trip. Positive emotions are worth experiencing, different cultures are worth investigating and new friends are worth meeting. So don’t hesitate depriving yourself of the chance to spend time with a gorgeous girl in a wonderful surroundings.