Helping Your Child Get Through a Divorce

For any child, their parents separating or getting divorced is one of the most difficult things that they can go through. The unfortunate truth is that separations happen in life, they are often unavoidable and the time will come for many couples when things simply aren’t working anymore. Regardless of the reason for getting divorced, the main thing that couples should be focussing on is their children and ensuring that they come out of the separation as unscathed as possible. Picking the right lawyers is key to this process, companies like Prime divorce lawyers are specialists in not only the legal side of divorce but also offer excellent advice on family law and supporting the family through the process. If you are going through a separation then here are some tips on how best to support your children.


Talk to Them

Children are not stupid and keeping them in the dark about what is going on will arouse suspicion in your child and possibly cause them to think the worst. You can avoid this by talking openly and honestly to your child about what is happening. Naturally you don’t need to tell them all of the details but give them a clear picture of what their future looks like and allow them to ask whatever questions that they have in their mind.

Try to Keep Things Normal

Children need routine in order to feel more relaxed and less worried and although what is happening is far from normal for them it is important that you do all that you can to try and stick to their normal routine. Whether it is the school run, clubs or weekend treats, your child needs to be able to carry on as they normally would in order to help them to process what is going on, too much change will affect them in the future.

Don’t Buy Them Off

Many parents will try to pay their way out of the guilt they feel towards their child and although it may seem to be a good idea in order to keep your child happy, the result will not be what you are after. As mentioned before, children are not fools and although they may appreciate the treats that you are buying for them, it will not make them forget what is going on nor will it shelter them from the truth.

No Mudslinging

If things are not good between you and your partner then it is very important that you avoid any arguments or fights in front of your children and especially important that you don’t badmouth your ex to your child. Nobody is suggesting that you fake happiness in front of your child but it is important that you maintain respect. Remember that children copy almost everything that they see and if they think that it is ok to speak badly about people and indeed, their own parents or people that they love, then they will mimic what they see and think that it is acceptable.