6 Reasons You Need to Take A Night Kayaking Tour

Night kayaking is one of the best kayak vacations you can take! Read this article for all the reasons you should book your next trip today.

Kayaking offers several health benefits, including reducing stress and increasing upper body strength. It’s also easy enough that it limits the risk of muscle wear and tear in comparison to other types of exercise.

Kayaking proves to be a consistent hobby for those lucky enough to live near a nice body of water, and a fun lake activity for those on vacation. Kayaking is an inexpensive, easy, and fun way to spend the afternoon.

But why limit kayak vacations to the daylight? Nighttime kayaking tours offer a whole new experience. No matter how many times you’ve kayaked in the day, you still need to experience nighttime kayaking at least once in your life.

Keep reading to discover 6 reasons you need to take night kayaking vacations.

1. You Can Challenge Yourself

We all learned in science class that the gravitational pull from the sun and moon cause different tides throughout the day.

Tides caused by the sun tend to be a lot calmer since the sun is further away from the Earth. This is one of the reasons kayaking in the daytime is safer.

The sunlight also allows for greater visibility, so you don’t have to worry as much about hitting rocks, other kayakers, or anything else.

But if you’re an avid kayaker, and you’re looking for a new challenge, consider kayaking at night.

The tides will be stronger meaning you can get a better workout and a more exhilarating trip. Additionally, the lower visibility will pose an extra challenge to overcome.

Of course, make sure you do your research and come prepared with all the necessary safety equipment, such as the proper lighting.

2. You Can Enjoy Cooler Weather and No Damaging Sun Rays

One of the benefits of kayaking vacations is that you can spend time outside soaking up the sun. For those of us who work our indoor jobs, this might be a rare opportunity.

However, if you’re vacationing in the middle of the summer in hot areas, such as Texas or Flordia, then you might want to make some of your kayaking trips at night.

The days might reach dangerously high temperatures, and damaging sun rays might burn you to a crisp.

You’ll have to be careful to plan your day kayaking trips outside of the peak hours and make sure you’re wearing tons of sunscreen.

You might still even need to find a way to seek shade throughout the day.

Night kayaking removes these worries. It will give you an opportunity enjoy the warm summer nights and you won’t have to worry about the sun damaging your skin.

If you’re unlucky enough to already be burnt, then you’ll want to be extra careful to stay out of the sun. Night kayaking is the perfect way to let you enjoy kayaking without risking further sun damage.

3. You Can Enjoy Surreal Stargazing

Stargazing may be one of the more underrated activities in modern society. Many people tend to forget just how beautiful the night sky can look when you’ve distanced yourself from big cities.

Night kayaking will give you a chance to escape the bright city and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the stars and moon from the middle of a lake.

If you’re into astronomy, you can spend as much time as you want stargazing for constellations in the sky without worrying about bumping into other people or light pollution ruining your view.

4. You Can Take Part in a Unique Bioluminescent Tour

Night kayaking vacations can open you up to some really unique experiences.

Bioluminescent tours allow you to see plankton in the water. But what makes this so fun? Well, this natural bioluminescent phenomenon is where the plankton glow in the dark! That’s right, you’ll see bright blue lights shining from inside the water as you kayak.

The bioluminescence isn’t visible during the daylight, so this is a truly unique experience with night kayaking.

There are quite a few bioluminescent kayak vacations you can take right here in America. Get more info on bioluminescent tours in Florida.

5. You Can Kayak in Peace

There are times when it can be fun to kayak in a busy lake filled with other people. It can make for a more energic experience as you bounce your energy of those around you.

But sometimes you might just want peace and quiet.

Most people opt to kayak during the day, so night kayaking will offer you a more relaxed, peaceful experience.

If you’re a nature lover, this is the best way to enjoy the scene. You’ll get to stargaze and listen to the sounds of crickets chirping without the beautiful sounds of nature being drowned out.

6. You Can Watch the Sunset

Sunset tours can offer the best of both worlds. You’ll start kayaking during the daylight but won’t return until after dark.

When going on sunset tour you should come prepared with the proper safety equipment for night kayaking. This way you won’t have to rush to get back to shore towards the end of the sunset.

Instead, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the entire sunset and witness the direct difference between daylight and nighttime kayaking.

Why You Should Choose Night Kayak Vacations

Kayak vacations are a great way to exercise and soak up the sun while you experience the beauty of nature. There are many benefits to daytime kayaking, but if you’re looking for a new and unique experience, then try night kayaking.

Night kayak vacations will allow you to enjoy unspoiled nature, perfect for stargazing, watching the sunset, and listening to the crickets surrounding you.

You might even have an opportunity to experience a bioluminescent tour!

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the harsh sun rays burning you, and you can enjoy a more comfortable temperature by waiting until the sun goes down.

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