Learn Spanish Quickly In 10 Fun Steps

Do you need to learn Spanish quickly in the near future? There’s no need to feel pressured. Find out how you can become fluent with 10 fun and easy steps.

So you want to learn Spanish quickly, huh?

It’s no secret. Knowing Spanish gives you a huge advantage. Not only are you able to communicate with a whole new world, but you get the perks of putting skills like “bilingual” on your job resume.

But let’s be real. Learning Spanish seems like it will take FOREVER to learn. But there’s no need to worry. We’ve hooked you up with 10 fun and easy steps to becoming fluent in Spanish!

1. Audio Courses On How To Learn Spanish Quickly

There are so many resources available to those who want to learn Spanish! Consider audio courses. Because at least 90% of car users are listening to the radio when they enter their vehicle, this will be the perfect time to tune into audio courses.

Replace your regular music regimen with a Spanish audio course. So while you’re on the way to work or the gym, you’ll learn Spanish quickly. You’ll be surprised when you find your Spanish vocabulary effortlessly expanding with every car ride you take!

2.Sticky Notes

It’s time to emerge your world in Spanish sticky notes! To the average eye, it might seem juvenile, but it really does work! Challenge yourself to place sticky notes on items that you use on a daily basis.

So that every time you come across it, you’re not only able to memorize it but visualize it as well.

Because we’re primarily visual learners, this learning method is known as the one that’s bound to stick. When you visualize your mirror, you will automatically associate it with “Espejo”.

When you walk into your kitchen for a snack, you will always remember that “Guineo” means banana. Make it a habit to switch up your vocabulary words every week and watch your Spanish knowledge go from beginner to conversational.

3. Free Online Courses

While language programs are charging a whole bunch of money to learn a second language, it’s relieving to know that there are free resources available for you.

Duolingo offers consumers convenience while learning a new language. Available on Windows, Android, and iOS – you now have no excuse as to why you’re not bilingual by 2020. For just 5 minutes a day, these bite-sized lessons come with a personalized learning plan, a grading scale, and motivating rewards.

And the best part? This isn’t only for beginners! If you want to learn Spanish basics – Duolingo is perfect for you. If you want to master irregular verbs – Duolingo is perfect for you too.

4. Spanish Community

It’s no secret. After English, Spanish is the most common language in the United States.

Websites like MeetUp make it possible to find other English speakers who are interested in learning the Spanish language. From meetups to language swaps – this is perfect for those who want to learn Spanish quickly.

But if you’re not much of an extrovert, there are other ways to connect with the Spanish community. Make your way to a local Spanish restaurant and get acquainted with the culture.

Take a trip to a Spanish museum and embrace unfamiliarity. Watch your favorite movie in Spanish! There are so many fun and easy ways to learn Spanish once you take a step out of your comfort zone!

5. YouTube Can Help With Spanish Pronunciation

When your attention span is too short for Google, Youtube will always be your best friend. There are thousands of educational videos on YouTube that will help you learn Spanish quickly.

Instead of watching cute cat videos, search for easy to learn Spanish videos that will help you out in the long run. Make every idle moment productive and watch your Spanish pronunciation strengthen each month that goes by.

6. Go Abroad

If you can afford it, make a trip abroad. There’s no better way to learn Spanish quickly than to be engulfed in an environment that only speaks Spanish. Hearing it daily, seeing the advertisements, and watching how they communicate can really permeate it in your head.

Thankfully, there are sites that have inexpensive travel guides that can help make this trip happen. From Spain to Central America – many Spanish-speaking countries are available to you for both ideal activities and educational vacation.

7. Get A Personal Tutor

Because tutors are personalized to you- they’re able to develop methods and lesson plans that will stretch you into truly becoming bilingual. They are good at putting together resources and vocabulary lists that are customized to your strengths and weaknesses and will make you fluent in no time.

8. Utilize Your Phone Features

Unless your living in the Caveman Era, most smartphones comes with features that can aid you in learning Spanish. Both Android and iOS have predictive text and talk-to-text features that adapt to the owner’s language.

Instead of responding in English, try talking out your talking out your text messages in Spanish. You’d be surprised how much you’d learn!

9. Studying

We know, we know. Studying can have such a negative connotation. But it doesn’t have to be boring! Phone apps like the Translation App can be of great use when learning a different language.

Search iTunes or Google Play for popular language tools that you can listen to at the gym, in your car, or in the comfort of your own home.

10. Music

Because we’re prone to remembering information via music and catchy jingles -try using this learning method. Search top 25 Spanish songs and dissect them for new vocabulary words and meanings. Not only are you bound to bust out a dance move, but you’re also bound to be learning Spanish at a rapid speed.

There you have it. Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be hard.

We’ve filled you in with all the resources that can help make Spanish easy to learn. Because we have access to so many resources – you can learn a new language in no time. Digital, free, and fun – there are courses out there for everyone even if you’re just beginning.

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