Summer Beach Fun With Shade From The Sun


With summer well and truly underway, the beaches are calling people of all ages. Regardless of where you live, beaches always conjure up images of sun-soaked days filled with fun and excitement, along with swimming, paddling and general beach related activities. Even for those who are looking to hit the beach, but without the constant sun exposure there are options, allowing everyone to enjoy the beach without worry.

Fun In The Sun

Everyone knows that beach time means fun time. Visiting beaches is often high on everyone’s list for summer activities, even if you don’t live near one. Many people even inland will seek out beaches at lakes or even along riverbanks for a day at the waters edge, with barbecues, cold drinks and fun water games to be had. Considered one of the ultimate in summer options for getaways, many people have some kind of beach or waterside option within easy driving distance of where they live, and even if they don’t you can still enjoy the same kinds of fun, just on land. Frisbee, ball games, and barbecues in parks or backyards can be just as enjoyable as on a beach if a beach is not an option for you.

Beach Shade Options

It’s no surprise that shade is necessary when you’re spending tons of time in the sun. Prolonged sun exposure can not only cause dehydration and sunburn, but it can also cause significant health issues such as sunstroke or even melanoma in extreme, prolonged cases where people have continual access to UVA and UVB rays. This is why having reliable beach sun shade is important, and with shade options such as those from Otentik, you never have to go without shade, even on beaches where there are no trees. Otentik is easily packable and weighs only four pounds in total, so it’s easy to carry with you and can even be packed in carry on luggage for those beachy getaways abroad or further afield.

Water Sports For All

Even if you are busy getting wet on the sand with water balloons, guns or other land based water enjoyment, Otentik tents will dry off quickly and effectively so you can get on your way when it’s time to leave the beach. Water sports that happen to be the most popular also can include the land, so it’s a good idea to make sure you have some shade that can withstand getting wet as well as dry quickly so that you aren’t left with a damp tent you need to sort out later.

So there you have some great information about summer beach activities and how you can help you and your family and friends stay cool this summer while enjoying the sun, sea and sand. Make sure everyone stays sun-smart with some great shade options by Otentik, with varying sizes too, perfect to help you make the most of the dogs days of summer with all your friends and family. So get out there this summer and while away the hours on the shore – you will be glad you did!