The Fruits Of Technology 

Like a tree firmly rooted in the soil, technology continues to inspire humanity, blessing us with the fruits of our labour. Modern technology has evolved and assimilated itself into our world so well, that we would be lost without it should we ever lose it.

In today’s age tech and gadgets are much more than just a resource or a tool, technology is all around us, helping us complete daily tasks more efficiently than ever before. So many things we used to do manually have gone online, and this is not  abad thing at all.

If you’re a fence sitter on the cusp of hating or loving the rapid evolution of so called smart technology, you’ll be eager to hear about the following; looking into the fruits of technology and how it helps us through each and every day.

The Power Of Mobility 

The first computer with an actual functioning hard disk weighed a ton. IBM released it in 1956, the unit weighed 1000kg. With this mammoth weight you would think you could house the world’s data in there, but astonishingly the unit could only hold 5 megabytes of data. Photo or .jpeg files exceed that.

Modern technology has compacted up, it’s been shrunk down and neatly wrapped up. Your smartphone is a prime example of that. Your smartphone can do just about anything your traditional static computer is capable of. Not only can you work from your mobile device or enjoy the online gambling Canada has to offer, you have the power to do it on the go and on demand.

Wearable Tech 

New technology has taken seamless integration to the next level with wearable tech that attaches as an extra appendage. Depending on your day-to-day needs wearable tech not only compliments your outfit, it can some nifty things to.

It’s not all about the steps you’ve taken today or your heart rate, wearable tech has the potential to shake up the market. If smart watch developers work closely with app developers and computing companies the small screen display could possibly cease to be an issue and then your smart watch may just be more powerful than your smartphone.

Either way wearable technology is a trend that shows little to no signs of slowing down. It’s more than compact and portable, it’s real beauty lies in the fact that it literally becomes apart of you and your day effortlessly.

Cool Gadgets 

In a world where you constantly need to be immersed in a screen, breaking away has its benefits. With the new technologies available, there are some nifty gadgets on the market to keep you engaged in various levels.

From gaming consoles that now have the power to render games in breathtaking 4K to augmented reality apps that function to allow you to enter virtual space and interact with it. The possibilities are endless; take a smart phone for example it’s not just a phone it’s a tool capable of transforming into a specific device to suit your needs, all through a simple app download.

The Promise for A Brighter Tomorrow 

One constant in technology is the pace at which it evolves. We make breakthroughs everyday and these advances are impacting the planets future positively. Looking at basic needs like education; technology has allowed for access to quality education online. If you peek into medical endeavours, you’ll find that the promise to 3D print organs someday will save lives.

The goal of any technology man creates is to make life simple. If you study how man acts and what he needs to use you will find that technology ideally fills the voids and helps to complete everyday tasks more efficiently.  With this in mind it’s obvious that as technology evolves man will evolve. We are interconnected, reaping the fruits from our creation and progressing into a new era of digital wonder.