Keeping Your Mobile Device Clean

Most people may wipe their phone down with a tissue or cloth but very few people actually rigorously keep their devices clean. It is actually much easier than you think to keep your device grime free and in perfect working condition so you can enjoy the online slots Canada has to offer, and everything else, on the go.

Most people are quite surprised when they realise how much life they can get from their devices when you keep them clean and safe.

Cleaning Your Phone At Home

Most people have a variety of cleaning tools and DIY products in their home already fit for purpose. These can help keep your Smartphone or other electronic devices free from grease and dirt build up for a fraction of the cost of purchasing dedicated cleaning products.

  • Microfiber Cloth is usually lying around in your house. They can come with spectacles, gadgets and mobile devices and are essential cleaning tools. Simply use plain water and your cloth to easily clean your phone or other mobile device. Use the dry corner of the cloth to immediately wipe your phone dry afterwards.
  • Cotton Swabs help you do targeted cleaning and it’s also excellent for removing stubborn dirt from keyboards and in hard to reach corners. Combined with cleaners, cotton swabs are a simple cleaning solution suitable for many tasks.
  • Rubbing Alcohol mixed with water is also a great cheap cleaner. Many manufacturers advise against the use of alcohol, but a 60% water, 40% rubbing alcohol mix, if wiped clean well, will be an excellent way to move grime and dirt from your device.
  • Distilled water and white vinegar in a 50/50 ratio can serve the same function as the above mentioned mix. In both cases simply dip a corner of a microfiber cloth into the solution and clean your device. The cloth should only be damp not wet and immediately wipe your device dry afterwards.

Cleaning Products

Purchasing a cleaning product for your device is the easiest option for most people. If you have the cash to splash you can find some exciting products to keep your devices in tip top condition.

  • Spray and wipe kits can be purchased at many stores. They are essential if you do not have a microfiber cloth. Many modernphones have an oleophobic coating that can be damaged by harsh cleaners so be careful.
  • Picking the right case for your device also plays a big role in keeping your gadgets clean. While there are many ranges of antibacterial cases, most people opt for a case with a bit more flash. The more detail and design is on your phone’s case, the more places for dirt and grime to hide. To keep your phone cleaner for longer, rather opt for a plain, smooth case.
  • For the extremely clean out there you can take your phone hygiene to the next level with UV Light cases for your phone. The case contains a sanitising UV light that will sanitise your phone in 4 minutes and can be found at online stores like Phone Soap.

By following these handy guidelines you can keep your device clean and germ free, prolonging its life by years.