Help Alleviate Major Pain Points When Shipping Technologies Overseas

When dual-use goods and controlled-use goods arrive at international borders, they are often heavily scrutinized as these materials can be used for both civilian and military applications. Should these items not be accompanied by the correct paperwork, officials of the receiving countries may refuse the shipment clearance, causing costly delays to the exporting entity. Where technologies are concerned, this entity is often a reseller shipping on behalf of a service provider who is leasing their equipment, which can put a big burden and a great deal of pressure on reselling businesses.

Thankfully, there is one global distributions partner that can help take the stress away from these types of transactions. Companies such as TecEx can offer importer of record services with a point of presence in over 120 countries, making them a one stop shop for those who need to make multiple shipments at once. Typically, they deliver goods valued between 10-100K, but have also cleared millions of dollars worth of equipment securely and compliantly. With their vast knowledge and experience regarding the logistics behind cross-border transactions, they can take the hassle and anxiety out of the exporting process, ensuring clearance within 10 days of approving their client’s quote. As part of their service, they apply for all the necessary permits and licences for the reseller, making sure all their customs support documentation is filled out correctly, and that the freight delivery waybill as well as commercial invoice accompanies the IT equipment. This alleviates any hesitancy at customs.

Furthermore, the company has the power to retrieve import taxes for their reseller clients from 40 of the above countries within six months of clearance; this is something that would have to be written off as a business expense if you were to use any other importer. Another way they help resellers save is by guaranteeing that clients will only be charged the landed-cost quote – meaning there will be no hidden fees added to a shipment, regardless if a country’s rules or regulations change.

As a company, not only do they offer best lead times but a hands-on service. Through their online portal resellers may track their shipment in real time, and connect with their client services representative who can liaise with the on-the-ground team ensuring the shipment reaches its destination safely. Additionally, if you don’t have a freight service or forwarder that you regularly work with, this importer has their own courier service for you to make use of.

Shipping technologies overseas does not need to be the complicated process it has previously been known to be especially when using supply chain management software. By partnering with an expert in imports, resellers can allow those most experienced to take the wheel, alleviating a great number of working hours and a great deal of stress. They can rest assured that their expensive assets will not be held at the border, or cause a myriad of unforeseen issues. With the help of an Importer of Record they can trust, a previously challenging and unpredictable process becomes more transparent.