How to choose an electric broom

If you’ve been looking for tips on cleaning the floors in your home more comfortably and effectively, what you might be in need of might just be an electric broom. These days, finding a good and affordable one isn’t all that difficult, especially since the market seems to be overflowing with new and improved models.

However, not all are made the same, and as such, they have unique features intended for different types of users. Let’s look at some of the aspects that you ought to keep in mind to make sure you’re investing your money in something that’s worth every penny.

Corded or cordless

This factor is one of the essential ones you have to start with. While the idea of owning and using a cordless vacuum cleaner certainly seems tempting, the fact is that such models come with a significant disadvantage. Their battery usually lasts for a maximum of forty minutes. Unfortunately, most units are capable of providing you with enough suction power for just twenty minutes.

What does that mean? In short, you will have to put the electric broom into the charging dock and then wait. Of course, this issue is swiftly resolved if you decided to purchase a model and get two battery packs right off the bat.

Corded alternatives will offer you only a limited amount of mobility, which means that at one point you will have to switch the outlet to be able to clean another room. However, some of these units are outfitted with very long power cables, so you’ll at least know that you can do the floors of a room without switching the outlet. They have a higher autonomy, and they’ll always be there to serve you — as long as you pay your power bills on time, of course.


While the design per se of the product might matter less in the end, because its color probably doesn’t matter when it comes to cleaning your floors, its weight will make a whole lot of difference when it comes to your comfort.

If you really hate carrying heavy things or you’re physically incapable of lifting hefty items, it’s pretty obvious that you have to research the model you are considering and find out as much as you can about its specifications. Sometimes, this detail can actually be deal-breaking, so instead of having to return the electric broom to the seller and choose a different model, you can select the right one right off the bat.

Helpful features

Most electric brooms are bagless, and that’s usually due to their compact design. Some are outfitted with HEPA filters that can get rid of as much as 99.9% of the allergens on your floors. Look for one of these if you have problems like asthma or allergies.

The suction head of the unit matters, too. If it’s V-shaped, you’re going to be able to gather kibble and other such debris with ease, and you’ll be able to vacuum around the legs of chairs and couches a lot more conveniently.