7 Signs of Hard Water in Your Home

Hard water calcium deposit on chrome tap

If you think you may have hard water in your home, then this article is for you. Click here to discover 7 telltale signs of hard water in your home.

Hard water is water that contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Not only does it affect your appliances and water systems, but it can also have an effect on your health.

If you aren’t sure if the water in your house is hard, here’s a guide on how to know the signs of hard water.

Signs of Hard Water on Dishes

The most obvious hard water symptom is mineral build-up on dishes.

You’re going to know what this looks like because it will come in the form of white powder or spots on your glassware or cups whenever you remove them from the dishwasher.

Hard Water in the Bath and Shower

Hard water will mix with soap and shampoos, leaving a thick residue on the sides and bottom of the tub or the shower door.

There are solutions you can mix to help dissolve the residue from the stains from the shower doors. Stir water and white vinegar together, put it in a spray bottle, and spray the affected area several times before wiping down with a sponge.

Signs of Hard Water on Skin and Hair

Because of the mineral build up in hard water, it can have a negative impact on the health of skin and hair.

Hair can start to become brittle and dry from the hard water residue. Skin becomes flakey on the scalp from unrinsed build up, and the skin of the rest of the body can become dry from hard water as well.

Your Clothes Look Worn

Have you noticed your clothing, no matter how old or how new, don’t seem to have the same shine they did when you first bought them? This could be because you need a water softener.

When you have hard water, the soap from the detergent can accumulate on the clothing along with the mineral build up, causing your clothing to look dirty or lackluster no matter how much you wash them.

Your Water Tastes or Smells Odd

Another way to tell if you have hard water is if your water has an odd taste or smell whenever you go to take a drink of it. It could taste metallic or smell closely of something rotten.

Is a Water Softner Necessary?

So, do you need a water softener? If you have noticed any of these signs, then the answer might be ‘yes’ and you should look into getting a water filtration system.

A water softening filtration system will remove the minerals from the hard water, replacing them with sodium ions. There is a blog post at www.ncwater.net about filtration systems for the whole house that is a very informative read.

Want More Home Maintenance Tips?

Having clean water is essential for the comfort of your family, and now that you know the signs of hard water, you can invest in a filtration system that will save you time and money on household repairs.

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