4 Steps to Establish a Progressive Company Culture

It’s unwise for business owners to discount the human element of running a company. Yes, it’s crucial to focus on your company’s financial standing –– but it’s equally important to develop a strong intra-office culture. Success on the bottom line won’t last for long if your team members feel unmotivated and unhappy. As such, it behooves all professionals in leadership positions to prioritize their workplace culture. To that end, here are four simple steps you can take today to improve the atmosphere around your office:

Ask for Feedback

Sometimes well-meaning business owners launch a strategy without consulting their employees first. While surprising your team from time to time can help break the nine-to-five monotony, it’s usually better to ask your staff’s opinions before implementing big changes around the office. Not only is this a great way to foster a feeling of camaraderie, but it can also help business owners make more informed decisions –– and save money as a result!

Emphasize Your Mission

Every company exists for a reason. (And if a company doesn’t exist for any particular reason, you can bet it won’t stick around for much longer!) Still, not every business owner makes it a point to share their passion with their employees. Motivating others isn’t so much about offering them perks or rewards, but rather convincing them that their work is worthwhile and purposeful. People respond to meaningful assignments and will naturally feel more engaged if their work matters on some level.

Remove the Handbrakes

The bigger your company is, the more difficult it becomes to adjust strategy or alter course quickly. One big problem larger businesses face is the bureaucratic maze that separates different departments. Therefore, effective business owners work to knock down walls and connect the various divisions of their company. If your team members are unable to communicate with each other with ease, your culture –– and productivity –– will suffer. Note also, that simple tech upgrades can sometimes reduce communication problems for your team. VoIP fax solutions, group-chat apps, and CRM updates can all bring your team members together and get them on the same page.

Put People First

Easier said than done, but if you really want to win over employees to your cause, you have to demonstrate that you value their contributions. And you have to do this all the time. No, you don’t have to come to work every day prepared to offer your staff some sort of grand gesture; you do need to be willing to listen and offer assistance, though. Remember, you can’t fake your priorities, and your employees will be able to tell if you don’t have their best interests at heart.