Sex in The Modern Relationship – How Important Is It?

Men seem to get more horny as they get older. Women generally seem to become more frumpy and see sex as a favour to their hard working guy. Fair comment?

That’s quite a sweeping statement but ask a group of ten guys and you will get a similar answer. Ask ten ladies and you will most likely get the same answer. And this scenario itself can create enormous friction amongst couples. We recognise of course the biological changes that take place in a woman as she gets older and  it is well documented that their sex drive diminishes. But how should or could this be balanced with the sexual desires – needs even, of a red blooded male.

I felt the need to back this statement up and so I asked the cheap London escorts from what they thought about this situation and they all agreed that sex is very important in the modern relationship and without it you will live an unhappy life and an unhealthy relationship.

Courtship and Sex:

One thing that many guys try when faced with the above scenario is to add a little spice and romance to their relationship. Years of washing, cleaning and bringing up kids are not exactly the best stimuli for sexual activity and your good lady may well appreciate a little tender loving care and attention from time to time. Date nights have become increasingly popular for this very reason. A date night involves a long term couple making the effort to get dressed in their finest and go for a meal together. A few drinks, uninterrupted chat and some time together  works wonders for many relationships and invariably the end result of a date night may well be cuddling close in bed together enjoying some long missed bedtime activity.

Little unexpected gifts are appreciated by many ladies and, unless they have reason to be suspicious about your intentions, are very well thought of and received. Doing the things that you did together early on in your relationship can reignite the libido and more often than not sex in a relationship is sparked off by the little loving things that people do together.

Then of course another angle is the slightly more blatant one which, when executed correctly and with a little subtlety can deliver staggering results. We are talking here about the more naughty gifts. Yes your lady would love the spa weekend treatment but how would she receive some sexy lingerie from you? Needless to say she is going to have to try it on and wear it at some stage, date night all the better. This may well lead to a satisfying night for both. Then if you are more adventurous how about some sex toys to experiment with together after dark? Some girls are already experienced here but if it is new to your lady then it may well be something that she has been fancying trying for a while. Used correctly sex toys can introduce a new element to a tired sex life and both partners can enjoy using them together.

Text Sex in a modern relationships:

Have you ever sent your long term partner a sexy or naughty text? Maybe years ago but how would she respond to a text from you at work telling her how hot she looked this morning? If you dare send her a text message telling her in detail what you want to do with her when you get home tonight. Unless she is particularly hard nosed then this may well have the desired effect of gaining her interest and anticipation as to what may well happen later when you get home. Gets her in the mood so to speak.

You will really know you have hit the spot if she responds by text with something equally naughty. She may even tell you what you have been doing wrong for years, or what she really wants you to do to her.

So, sex can be massively important in a modern relationship. Rightly so as it was a big element of the initial dating and certainly the wedding night. Many people feel inadequate if their partner is not giving them the sexual attention that they crave. Just like everything else in life, sex in a relationship may take a little work and effort. But it is relatively easy to re-light the flame, it just needs a little consideration and doing things a little differently sometimes.