Dates and Sex – Taboo or Expected?

Most of us have been there haven’t we? We meet a girl, invariably online, maybe from a dating site or from a London escort agency such as Honey Girls Escorts. Most likely electronically initially, by the power of text! Charming.

If both parties are serious then this may well progress into a few phone conversations. These conversations tend to be a little more subdued and tame compared to some of the late night texting asking what colour knickers she wears etc but to a guy it’s all fun and games.

When should you expect sex on a date?

Everything seems to be going to plan so the next logical step is getting together for a coffee or drink somewhere. Tediously she will no doubt want to meet in a public place ‘for her safety’. Like you are a mad axeman but whatever the good lady suggests you will go along with at this stage. So you meet. She looks great, almost as good as the 10 year old profile pictures on the dating site that she used.

The ‘date’ goes well and she seems to like you too. The next hurdle that you need to overcome is the post date text messaging that truly reveals all from the comfort of your living room. ‘Great to meet you, you looked lovely,’  and pause for a response. If she agrees then you are closing in on her.

But remember that you re a gent and she is no escort. You have to slowly earn her trust and the rewards will come. More than likely if you are both happy with the first date you will consider a meal together, or a movie. Word of warning with a cinema date though – not much chance to talk further and certainly remember that you are no longer fumbling young teens, so a little feel in her bra is most likely not what she will be expecting.

UNLESS of course she makes the first move.If she does this early on in  relationship we suggest that you run like crazy or wrap her in cotton wool and buy an engagement ring. You should have a good idea at this stage if she is a ‘popular’ girl looking for her desires to be satiated or if she really is into you and has not had her heart racing fun for too long.

So let’s assume a dinner date together. For sure you will be getting to know each other better by now and things should be progressing. Do you go for the peck on the cheek at the end of the evening or do you push hard for a coffee back at hers?

A girl and her ‘honour’:

One thing that ladies of a certain age want to retain is their mysterious dignity and sense of honour. A guy must respect this even if he is aching to get some damp fun with her as soon as possible. It can be a slow process initially but potentially worth the rewards. One thing that guys also need to remember is that most girls are just as interested and excited by sex as the guys are.

They just – for some reason like to hide it well, most likely for fear of being labelled as ‘easy’ Plus, a guy looking for  longer term relationship may be happier with a lady that has made him work for it. This is where the guy has to distinguish between a date and a relationship, and where sex potentially fits into either – or indeed both of these scenarios.

We do not need to explain here that the best things in life are worth waiting for. Sex on a first date may well happen but invariably this will not develop into anything long term. Both participants may be looking for some fun without commitment and need to consider if this is something that they may want to continue with.

The longer, more protracted dating game that leads to a special sexual experience is potentially more rewarding and could well offer more future potential for a long term relationship. As dating is a numbers game to find the right relationship, enjoy the process. Have  sex on a first date – why not? Wait and see what develops, why not? And if both present themselves then you’re a lucky guy.