East Coast vs West Coast – Which is the best for an adventure holiday in the USA

The gorgeous rolling hills of California or the buzz of New York City, choosing whether to go East or West is one of the trickiest parts of planning a holiday to the USA. When it comes to planning an adventure holiday, both sides of the country have huge attractions being home to some of the world’s most interesting sightseeing and exploring opportunities. So which one should you choose to visit on your adventure holiday? Here’s a little bit about both to help you make your mind up.

The East Coast

Home to the Big Apple, the White House, Philadelphia and the rest of Washington DC, the East Coast has some amazing must visit cities and historical sites that can’t be missed. From the iconic statue of Liberty to the Rokerfeller building and Times Square, New York alone is a haven of adventure just waiting to be explored. Washington DC is the home of American politics and has a number of amazing historical sites located there. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument and the Library of Congress, there’s so much to see that it’s a must visit for any adventure seeker wanting to see a few of the key places which shape modern America.

The West Coast

Lively, warm and home to a whole host of attractions, America’s West Coast is equally as desirable as the east. Home to hilly San Francisco, trendy LA and the lights of Las Vegas, the West Coast is an adventure seekers dream. From Vegas you can visit the Grand Canyon by helicopter, one of the seven wonders of the world then spend your evening taking in the sights of the infamous strip. In San Francisco you can hire bikes and cycle over the impressive Golden Gate Bridge or even visit Alcatraz Island and end the day by riding through the crooked streets on the famous cable cars.

With both parts of the USA, having so much to offer it’s easy to see why it can be so difficult to choose between the two. Head to either Coast with Trek America Travel on one of their amazing adventure holidays today and experience all the best sights in one trip. Whichever coast you choose to go see first, you’re bound to be wowed by the adventures you’ll have and once you get back, you can bet you’ll book another holiday to visit the other one.