How to Know When Your Marriage Needs Fixing

Soure: Unsplash | Rachael Crowe

When is it time to accept that your marriage is over, and when do you know that it might be saved through proper marriage counselling? Knowing the answer could provide you with years of happiness. The truth for many people in the Calgary area is that some psychotherapy and marriage counseling can save many a marriage. The trick is to identify the right psychotherapist in Calgary for you. Here is a guide to identifying which psychotherapists can help your marriage.

Combining Marriage Counselling and Psychotherapy

Not all professionals who offer marriage counselling in Calgary are also licensed in psychotherapy. For those individuals, marriage counselling is about identifying the present problems that a marriage faces and fixing the surface issues. This works fine for some marriages, but not so well for others. By contrast, psychotherapy examines the root of a problem and figures out how to fix the underlying issues, many of which began in the past, and repair both the present and future problems. People who opt for psychotherapy counselling services have taken an important first step in fixing their marriage at a foundational level, building a better future for everybody in the relationship.

Choosing Your Psychotherapist

One of the most important aspect when choosing between the different psychotherapists in your area is to determine which professional fits your personality. You should definitely make an attempt to speak with a psychotherapist in Calgary who seems promising, as to whether you and your spouse mesh with the professional will determine how effective counseling is for you. In the age of the Internet, you can also search for reviews on psychotherapy counselling services in your area. By reading the content of the reviews and determining the pros and cons that people found with the psychotherapy services, you can get an idea as to whether the professional will be able to help your marriage.

Sessions and Retreats

Most marriage counselling happens in the psychotherapist’s office. Some sessions might involve you or your spouse in a one-on-one situation with the counsellor, while most probably have you in the office together, communicating your hopes and frustrations about your marriage. Some psychotherapists offer a more intensive approach to marriage counseling in Calgary, offering retreats to help couples through their marital issues. These intensive getaways can help isolate you and your spouse from the external stresses of day to day life and get to the root of the problem. Marital retreats are best handled by a marriage counsellor who has a background in psychotherapy, as they involve much more intensive communication and treatment.

If you feel that your marriage has underlying troubles that can’t be treated on a merely superficial level, then you should look into marriage counsellors with a background in psychotherapy. This can help you identify issues better and figure out where to go next. Some psychotherapists offer marriage counselling retreats, which can help you even further. Evaluate the options in your area carefully and find somebody that both you and your spouse agree upon. Doing so might save your marriage.