Here’s How a Catalytic Converter Can Improve Your Health

Source: Wikipedia

A catalytic converter is an important piece of equipment that can help remove small pieces of pollution matter in diesel exhaust known as particulates. A typical converter has a component known as a diesel particulate filter, or DPF filter which essentially scrubs the exhaust and removes harmful particulates that might otherwise enter your lungs. If you care about the air quality in your area and the overall health of your lungs, the quality of catalytic converter and DPF filter you use is very important.

Three Way Catalytic Converters

There are many different kinds of catalytic converters on the market, but anybody who has health as a primary concern should look into 3 way catalytic converters. A 3 way catalytic converter changes most of the harmful emissions created by an engine into less dangerous compounds. This includes converting carbon monoxide and nitric oxide into carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Three way catalytic converters also add oxidation to carbon monoxide to create carbon dioxide and add oxygen to unburnt hydrocarbons to create a combination of water and carbon dioxide. While you still don’t want to directly breathe in engine exhaust, the reactions caused by 3 way catalytic converters can make accidental exposure to the exhaust less harmful to your lungs.

Diesel Particulate Filters

In order for a 3 way catalytic converter to work to its fullest potential, it needs a good DPF filter. Diesel particulate filters capture the soot, ash, and other pollution-creating particles that come from diesel engine exhaust. They essentially scrub the exhaust of microscopic elements that would slow down the catalytic conversion process. When a three way catalytic converter transforms carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, for example, that’s a sign of the DPF filter doing its job. Diesel particulate filters are one of the most essential elements in 3 way catalytic converters, so choosing a high-quality part can keep your converter working better for longer.

Finding the Best Quality

As we have now established that a three way catalytic converter is essential to the proper function of your engine and your health while using hardware that runs on diesel, it’s time to think about how to find the best quality in these parts. You can find high-quality three way catalytic converters by seeking out manufacturers that use high-grade stainless steel in their products and which have a reputation for durability. A typical catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter gets exposed to extremely high heat, so a lower-grade metal will show stress and become less effective over time. When looking at diesel engine parts, check for manufacturers that have a reputation for quality and which use the best materials available.

If you work in a field that puts you near diesel engines or you have power tools in your home that runs off of diesel fuel, then you owe it to yourself to make sure they use three way catalytic converters with excellent DPF filters. The simple act of checking for the right quality can help guarantee that you live a longer and healthier life.