A Review Of The Wen 3921 Scroll Saw

A saw is an important tool for contractors, handymen and persons who like to personally handle construction projects around the estate. This article will be a wen scroll saw review an important and affordable handheld saw for construction enthusiasts.

Tool Technical Specifications And Capabilities

This saw is uniquely designed such that it can handle blades on two sides. When using a cutting blade, they can either be placed in a 90-degree angle or the standard angle for most saws. When the blade is placed in the standard angle, this gadget can cut through pieces of wood that are up to 2 inches thick.

It is also fitted with bevels placed 16 and 11 inches apart which can move up to 45 degrees to the left to allow the user of the gadget to make angled timber cuts.

This saw is very effective if you are looking to make quick wood cuts at a high speed. It can support different cutting speeds with the variance being between 400 to 1,600 strokes every single minute. Due to the fact that it has an air pump, you can carry out construction work easily without having to keep blowing sawdust away from the wood that you are cutting.

On purchase this saw comes with components designed to make construction work easier such as a base made of cast iron, a foot clamp for stability during use and on-board storage. This gadget also comes with a blade adapter to allow users to change blades without having to use other tools. Additionally, users also get three cutting blades with each purchase.  

Pros Of This Gadget

  • This item is moderately priced and if offers users value for money.
  • Users can adjust cutting speeds from moderate to high by simply turning the dial to the most appropriate speed.
  • The in-built air pump usually allows the user of this gadget to work consistently without having to worry about a clear line of vision on the cut they are making.
  • On purchase, this saw usually comes with a two-year warranty. Additionally, any problems with the gadget are usually handled by a team of dedicated and skilled professionals seconded by the manufacturer.
  • This gadget does not need a battery to operate and it consumes little power at full functionality.

Cons Of This Gadget

  • This product cannot be used when there is no power since there is no backup source of power.
  • Unless you subscribe to a premium shipping option, deliveries for purchases can take some time.

The Bottom Line

The Wen 3921 Scroll Saw is an affordable product that does not require technical expertise to use. It is highly effective and perfect for construction enthusiasts and handymen who are seeking a quick and effective way of cutting wood to the desired sizes during construction projects.