5 Ways to Remain Entertained when Waiting for a Flight

Planning a vacation or any extended time away from home can be stressful. There’s a long to-do list that you must complete before you can finally sit down at the airport and wait for your flight. However, having spent the preceding days in a state of emergency, you are now faced with downtime. How are you going to spend this time? You can’t fully relax until you are on the plane, but you have some time to kill. To help you make use of this time, here are five ways to remain entertained when waiting for a flight:

1. Complete your to-do list

Without a doubt, there will be items on your to-do list that you just didn’t have time to complete. Whether it’s renewing a library book online to avoid a fine or sending work an email about an issue that you forgot to add to your handover notes, this time is important so that you can start your trip with a clear conscience.

2. Go over the details of your trip

Just because you have an itinerary does not mean that you shouldn’t further research your destination. With this additional time, you can use it to make your trip even better. Perhaps there’s a restaurant that you can make an online reservation at, or you could plan your sightseeing tours. This is also the ideal opportunity to confirm your arrival time with the taxi company who will be waiting to transport you to your accommodation.

3. Play games, listen to podcasts, etc.

If you’ve been feeling stressed about the journey and leaving home, spend this time relaxing. Open your Points Bet app for some fun sports betting, listen to an audiobook or music, or have a meal. By the time you get on the plane, you’ll have left all your stresses behind and will start your trip on the right foot.

4. Try and get an upgrade

If you are lucky and your flight is under-booked, there are potentially empty seats in business or first class. Occasionally airlines offer these seats to the economy passengers, and while designating these golden seats is alleged to be random, there are certain things that you can do to encourage your selection:

  • Dress neatly: would someone who has paid full whack want to sit next to someone in shorts and sandals?
  • Ask politely if there are any opportunities for an upgrade, and could you be considered
  • Be on time for the flight, and ask at a convenient time (i.e. not when the agent is busy)
  • Be reasonable. If you are too demanding, an upgrade will not happen.

5. People watch

Of course, the greatest way to stay entertained at an airport is to people watch. The huge variety of destinations airports service means that there is an equally diverse group of passengers. It’s fascinating to observe people going about their business, but don’t get so engrossed that you miss your flight!

Time waiting for a flight can feel like it is going very slowly; however, if you keep yourself entertained, the wait will fly by. Have a great trip!