Awesome Tips on How to Keep your Wellness Motivation Sky High!

The desire to live a healthy life is always common for many people, but the challenge comes in staying motivated. It is easy to come up with goals on healthy eating and workout routines, but it is a whole different scenario when it comes to following them. To make sure that you stick to healthy eating and proper workout routines it is important to stay motivated. When the year starts, most people have the right wellness goals but by the time the first month elapses, they go back to their old habits.

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Keeping your wellness motivation

It is the little things that count
A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and this is the same case with the wellness journey. You don’t expect to start with 100 sit-ups on the first day. The small changes that you make today like taking a half glass of beer instead of the whole bottle and doing 20 sit-ups per day make the difference. These may seem like small and meaningless changes but they help you stay motivated. You will be glad to know that you are making a change no matter how small.

Never Allow Yourself to Forget Why
The real struggle is making sure you never forget why you are doing this. If you can keep your reasons fresh in your mind, motivation becomes a piece of cake. Things get difficult when you forget WHY you started in the first place. Print out a motivating picture and put it on your wall, anything works as long as it is going to remind you every time you see it. When I started my journey it was to have more quality time with my children, so a photo of my playing sports with them was the perfect reminder.

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Accountability partners matter
The journey toward a healthy lifestyle has its ups and downs, and it is important to have an accountability partner or partners. Accountability partners get real with you and give you the tough love that you need on your wellness journey. For instance, if you forget to exercise they will remind you and if you make small achievements they will celebrate with you. Accountability partners make sure that you stick to your goals by constantly checking up on you. A trained counsellor such as a private psychiatrist London can help you progress and find the answers to your problems, without judging you.

It is okay to slip or backtrack sometimes
This is one of the main things that you should learn in your wellness journey. It is not every day that you will have the energy and motivation to eat healthily and exercise. There are days of the week or certain seasons when you will find yourself lazing around and eating all kinds of unhealthy foods. It is important to remember that you are just human and what matters is how you away from the situation.


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Nothing is instant
It is important to have timeliness and goals but sometimes this doesn’t work in weight loss and wellness. You do not expect to have your abs in the first month of adopting healthy lifestyles. Abs take time and the main thing is to stay motivated throughout the journey. The reason why many people give up before they achieve their goals is unrealistic expectations. Stay focused and remember that no sweat no gain.

Keep realistic expectations
For many women, the ideal body shape is the hour glass figure. Unfortunately, this is not achievable. Biologically people are different, and no amount of exercise can give you the hour glass body shape if that is not your body structure. Apart from focusing on a celebrities body shape or a dream body shape, the main goal should be to remain healthy. As long as you have an ideal body mass index (BMI), there is nothing like an ideal body shape.