Online Resources To Fix Jobs Around The Home

If you, like me, know very little about DIY or home improvement, fixing small jobs around the home can be a real pain. Whilst I do not have a problem hiring someone who knows what they are doing, to fix issues around the home, there are some jobs which just seem to be too small to get a professional to fix it.

The good news is, that you don’t need to hire a professional for those small, frustrating things that can wrong around the house, because you can use the powerful resource of the internet, to guide you to completing those jobs on your own. Here are some of the ways in which you can use the internet to, help you get those jobs done in no time at all.


Wikihow is a great website to learn how to do just about anything, in fact that is the mission of the owners of the website, for it to be a platform where you can learn to do almost anything. The website is text based with supporting images, and offers step-by-step guides on how to complete the task that you are trying to do. What I really like about Wikihow is the way that it will offer more than one method, depending on what tools you have available, and what kind of skills you have.


On YouTube you can find guides for just about anything when it comes to DIY and fixes around the home, with many options on what kind of guide you choose between. What makes YouTube such a wonderful resource for guiding you through a tricky job, is that you can watch exactly what someone else is doing, and then repeat it. YouTube also gives you the chance to fast forward, pause and rewind the guide, so that you can make sure that you are able to keep up. Of all the video resources online, there are more videos on YouTube than on any other website, especially when it comes to tutorial videos.


SnapGuide is a website that is dedicated to people like you and I, those of us who are somewhat lacking when it comes to the ability to do DIY tasks. The website is a combination of a huge forum where thousands of people participant in lively conversation and share ideas and tips, as well as an all-inclusive DIY site where you can get help from the experts. The website is not only dedicated to DIY, rather dedicated to ‘makers’ in all industries from cooking to gardening. Snapguide have a wonderful app which I would recommend that you download, where you can get all of the helpful tips, tutorials and guides, straight onto your handset. As far as dedicated DIY help sites go, there is none better than SnapGuide, and the information on there can help you to do just about anything around the home.