90’s trends you should embrace in 2019- women’s indo-western fashion guide

The 90’s was one of the most memorable and fashionable times of all.  Many 90’s styles keep trending in the current fashion world. If you are a fashion lover, you have probably tried some of these styles now and then. Here is a list of adored fashion in the 90’s that you can still wear in 2019;


Chokers were some of the most famous accessories in the 90’s.  They were popular with so many celebrities. The chocker gives your outfit a chic and bold look. Chokers pair well with low hanging necklines and short collars.  They were famously worn with shoulder less tops, spaghettis, round and v-necklines.  Lately, it looks like chokers have made a comeback and they are here to stay. You can wear this jewellery in almost any casual occasion.

Dark colored lips

Many people are fond of bright colored lipsticks like reds and hot pinks; very few have tried a different trend.  Dark colored lips are back in style from the 90’s, if you are one of the few who plays it safe with one shade of lipstick, it’s time to embrace a change. Dark lipsticks look good on women on every skin tone. The most popular lipsticks in the 90’s were dark maroon, burgundy, black and navy colors.

Round glasses

Don’t you just love accessorising in summer? Glasses are a good fashion statement while they shield your eyes from dangerous rays at the same. Round glasses have come back in fashion from the 90’s. You don’t have to worry about the shape of your head! They fit into any frame. They come in variety of colors and designs and styling them is not hard. Just make sure the color of the glasses matches your skin tone, make up or outfit.

Ripped jeans

You have probably witnessed the comeback of ripped jeans. They are more famous now than they were in the 90’s because people are more daring and open to fashion trends. There are endless ways you can style ripped jeans; they look good with any kurti top for Stylecaret and a pair of sneakers for an indo-western fusion. You can also wear ripped jeans with a t-shirt or choli top and cover it up with a kurti jacket for the winter season.

High waits jeans

High waisted jeans were popular among many celebrities and fashion lover in the 90’s. They are stylish and complement any body type to bring out a beautiful figure. When you style high, waisted jeans, ensure the hemline of your top does not cover the waistline of your jeans. You want the waistline to be visible because it has a slimming effect and shows off your curves.  They match well with choli tops and long jackets like the kurta or kimono.

Bishop Sleeves

Fancy sleeves were very famous in the 90’s. Bishop sleeves create a trendy casual design and are fitting to almost any body type. If you are unfamiliar with the bishop sleeve design, they are narrow on the shoulders and puff towards the elbows and the wrist

You can wear these sleeves in almost any traditional dress. Bell sleeve look good with straight cut kurti is you have a slim body type.  People with full body types will look good in a flaring kurti and short bishop sleeves.

Bell sleeves                              

Bell sleeves come in many shapes and designs, but typically resemble the structure of bell bottom pants. They can be straight or tapered and they form a flaring hemline at the wrist.  The bell like structure of the sleeve makes your outfit fun fashionable or classy. This outfit can fit women off all shapes and sizes

Styling a bell sleeved. You can wear them in choli tops, kurtis and other tops to create several looks. For a casual 90’s look, you can wear a bell sleeved straight cut kurti with some ankle boots and a fancy sling bag.

Off shoulder tops

Off shoulder design is bold and can be seen with most 90’s celebs.  The off shoulder design leaves your shoulders bare while covering the central parts of your arm. This is a casual look that can be incorporated in most Indian designs. This designs will fit your style of you are bold and like trying new designs. You can create a complete 90’s look by paring your off shoulder top with a high waisted jeans and

Cold shoulders

Cold shoulders are the trendiest fashion styles from the 90’s. There are a variety of cold shoulder designs, with key holes and strapless tops being the most popular. You can wear cold shoulder tops with practically any bottom for different looks. You can wear a kurti top with big keyholes at the shoulders and pair it with some ragged jeans and sneakers for an old school casual, trendy look.

Indo western outfits


They disappeared for a while but finally made a comeback. Overalls were the trendiest indo western fusion on the 90’s.  They are very comfortable and stylish. You can wear overalls to any casual event.  A complete 90’s look includes a t-shirt, overalls and some rubber shows or sneakers. You can jazz up the outfit with bangles and a choker.

Mom jeans

Mom jeans are loose high waisted jeans. They were very famous in the 90’s, being spotted with women of all ages. High wasted jeans are comfortable and convenient for any kind of weather.  You can wear these types of jeans for any casual events. The best way to style them is wearing them with a tacked tank top, crop top or choli and you can choose to cover up with a long jacket.

Denim shirts         

You are probably familiar with the 90’s denim on denim look; people made fashion statements by wearing a denim shirt or jacket over denim jeans or shorts. It is a very simple but stylish casual look that will never go out of fashion

Final word

If you are not a daring person when it comes to fashion, this list may change how you feel.  90’s fashion is stylish, comfortable and doable. Most 90’s styles are casual, but you can mix and match to create other types f style.