How To Stand Out From Other Male Travellers – Fashion Wise!


Now that the cooler weather has set in and you’re back at work after the fun and frivolity of the summer, you might be finding yourself fantasising about hitting the road again for a trip somewhere – perhaps somewhere far flung, mysterious and exciting all the same. You might also be wondering what you can do to stand out – after all, a lot of opportunities in life are things that suddenly crop up unannounced while on the road. Read on to check out some great fashion tips for men on how to stand out on the road from everyone else.

Shoes, Sandals and feet in general!

It’s far too easy when you’re on the road to get caught up in the throwing a pair of flip flops on for bumming around a town, beach or village all day – and why not of course? They’re versatile for the most part and pretty laid back and casual – like your trip! But likewise, it can be a bit of a deal breaker if suddenly the opportunity arises to head off in to the bush a bit for a walk to some waterfalls, another village or just to get off the beaten trail and find an undiscovered gem. Likewise, shoes are your friend when travelling, they will help keep you happy, dry and comfortable from place to place and country to country, so make sure you invest in a great pair of good quality shoes that have versatility, strength and style all in one. You never know when someone will find your shoes striking enough to strike up a conversation – which can go in a number of ways (even to scoring you work in another country – believe me, it’s happened!)

Stand Out From The Crowd

Standing out from the crowd on the road sounds difficult, doesn’t it? How do you stand out when you’re backpacking or being a bit of a beach bum? It doesn’t have to be hard and can be as simple as having a good hygiene regimen and also making sure you are wearing clean clothes. People are attracted to those who look like they’re taking care of themselves – or are at least putting in an effort to looking halfway decent, even while on the road. Save the lack of showering for festivals and things like Burning Man or Glastonbury. You never know who you will meet on the road, so looking at least decent is pivotal in being able to land some fantastic attention from someone who could be life changing! Some tips include wearing brighter colours, dress up a bit to go to the bar or club at night – not in a suit of course – but wearing your cleanest duds can go a long way, and never underestimate the power of a great pair of kicks!

So there you have a couple of awesome tips on standing out from the crowd while on holiday or even if you’re travelling long term. Standing out doesn’t have to be hard, or even time consuming and can actually be ridiculously easy – so now that you know, why not take a risk and see where being the odd one out can land you some great once in a life time chances!