5 Summer Female Fashion Faux-Pas That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

The summer is my favorite season when it comes to style, I love to wear bright colors, show off a little flesh and I also love to wear hats and wavy dresses, all of which are perfect for the summer months. Summer is also one of the seasons that presents the most danger when it comes to a faux-pas, summer means that people wear less and they also seem to take more risks in the summer, this means that there is little room for error when it comes to looking good in the summer sun. I’ve seen some terrible fashion errors during this season and here are my top 5 that you need to avoid.


Too Revealing

As I said before, I love to show off a little flesh but ladies, remember, less is more and you need to choose your times to show off your body. Showing your boobs to the World when you are heading to the office is not sleek, fashionable nor sexy and you need to be subtle with your outfit choices. Thin leggings are great for the summer, they are comfortable, flexible and not too warm but if you are going to wear them then you need to be on pantyline alert as they will reveal all.

Animal Print

The summer seems to bring out the animal in many of us and whilst I am partial to a touch of leopard print here and there, some people go way overboard. If you love your animal printed clothing then wear clothes with subtle patterns and avoid head to toe designs, they simply don’t look good. The biggest thing to avoid, and I have seen this too many times to count, is mixing animal patterns and colors in the same outfit, I cringe just thinking about it.

Over Accessorizing

Showing off more skin gives you far more space to put your favorite accessories from bracelets, anklets, earrings, toe rings, belly button rings and everything in between. I love to accessorize but some people just go way to far. If you wear too many accessories in too many places then you are going to distract people from your outfit, too many accessories mean that your beautiful bracelet will lose its impact so keep it subtle.

The Camel Toe

Slightly unsavory but a mistake that must be avoided at all costs, when wearing tight shorts or leggings, you need to ensure that you aren’t flaunting your ‘downstairs’ through your clothing. I see this too many times to count and each time I simply wonder why people don’t use mirrors anymore, this isn’t sexy nor tasteful, avoid, avoid, avoid.


Practical? Yes, medically helpful? Yes, fashionable, sleek, sexy? Absolutely not, crocs are ok on the beach but other than that you need to leave them in the closet, they suit very few outfits and they look chunky and clumsy. If you want to wear them around the house then no problem but if you are planning on going out in them then think again.