Smoking vs. Vaping: The More Economical Recreation Option

What’s your excuse for smoking?

Maybe, you enjoy it for recreation or for the nicotine kick you get much like the 37.8 millions of your compatriots in the United States. Thankfully, more and more people are giving up the habit as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to studies conducted by the organization, each year higher percentages of people quit the habit. For instance, in the year 2016, 15 of every 100 smokers or 15.5% kicked the butt.

Have you been considering taking up vaping as an alternative to nicotine? It might interest you to know that given a choice between smoking vs. vaping with products like the Dinner Lady E Juice, in the coming years, you’re going to spend a lot more on the damaging habit.

Law-Makers are Levying Substantial Taxes on Smoking

Like this feature on TobaccoFreeKids reports, lawmakers and federal authorities have been levying higher taxes on tobacco products in an attempt to discourage people from smoking. Although each state has its own taxation system, on an average, as on October 1st 2018, you’ll pay an additional $1.78 per pack of cigarettes in taxes. If you’re a resident of states like New York or Washington D.C., you could end up paying $4.35 and $4.50 respectively, as an added cost on each pack. Other states may levy an extra excise tax aside from the state tax.

Should you compare smoking vs. vaping, you’ll learn that studies have clearly shown that vaping with products like, say, the Dinner Lady E Juice from Blackout Vapors is at least 95% less dangerous than smoking. For this reason, the authorities are refraining from taxing this recreation option.

But, Smoking vs. Vaping – The Hit on Your Health

Before we talk about the monetary costs, let’s discuss the cost on your health. Like Reuters reports, healthcare insurance agencies like Mediclaim and Medicaid spend at least $170 billion a year for ailments caused by the effects of smoking and tobacco abuse. Xin Xu from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals, “Fifty years after the first Surgeon General’s report, tobacco use remains the nation’s leading preventable cause of death and disease, despite declines in adult cigarette smoking prevalence.”

Keep in mind that smoking a cigarette exposes you to much more than just nicotine. The combustion of tobacco releases more than 4,000 harmful chemicals that enter your bloodstream. These chemicals cause serious effects on your heart, lungs, eyes, and skin. You also risk developing cancer of the pancreas, bladder, mouth, throat, and respiratory tract. But, compare smoking vs. vaping and you’ll learn that while the nicotine content in vaping liquids and juices like the Dinner Lady E Juice are no doubt harmful to some extent, you would certainly avoid the effects of the additional carcinogenic chemicals in the tobacco stick.

So, yes! Smoking is going to cost you a lot more than vaping in terms of health.

Smoking vs. Vaping – The Hit on Your Pocket

Now that you’ve explored the cost on your health, let’s take a close look at the financial hit you take. Ready for some serious statistics?

Given the varying rates in the percentage of taxes levies on cigarettes, users in each state could pay somewhat more or less for the smoking habit. But, on an average, you could spend anywhere from $2087.8 to $5091.75 per year on cigarettes with the mean cost standing at $2,650.

In contrast, the end cost of vaping can depend on factors like the type of device you choose, the cost of the e liquid like say, the Dinner Lady E Juice you might prefer, and the frequency with which you vape. If you’re a heavy-duty vaper, you’ll spend more on the supplies. Above all, the nicotine content in the vaping juice may also affect its cost. Products with a lower percentage of nicotine are likely to be more economical. So, should you choose to quit smoking, your credit card bills could take an interesting dip.

Here’s a quick overview of the cost of the devices that includes the charge of the starter kit;

  1. E-Cigarettes may cost you between $5 to $60
  2. Vape pens may cost you between $15 to $50
  3. Pod Mods may cost you between $10 to $50
  4. Vape Mods or Box Mods may cost you between $30 or perhaps, over $100

Time to move on to the cost of the e liquids! Take a look at the cost per cartridge of the flavored liquid that may go into each device.

  1. Pre-filled cartridges for e-cigarettes – Between $1.70 and $2
  2. Disposable fillers for the vape pods – Between $3 and $5
  3. Regular e-juice with nicotine content (For example, the Dinner Lady E Juice) – Between $10 and $25
  4. Nicotine salts cartridge with 30ml of product – Between $15 and $20

You may want to note that these are approximate values just to give you a fair idea of what to expect. Actual costs may vary from brand to brand and the quality of the juice you choose.

But when you consider that one pre-filled cartridge for an e-cigarette can give you 200 to 400 puffs equivalent to equal to two to three packs of regular cigarettes, the math is self-evident. Your wallet is a lot better off if you choose to vape in place of smoking.

Smoking vs. Vaping – The Hit on Your Social Life

If you smoke and you’re looking for a serious relationship and someone to spend your life with, your habit could narrow down your options considerably as revealed by this feature on the Independent magazine.  A survey conducted on a random section of the population revealed that at least 64% of both non-smoking men and women would not want to date smokers. And, the statistics become more surprising. Over 10% of men and 20% of women who smoked did not want prospective partners who smoked. Let’s not also forget the fact that no one wants to be around people who smoke when they’re puffing away. They’d appreciate it if you stepped away out of respect for their health.

Making the choice smoking vs. vaping? The verdict is clear. Now would be the best time ever to quit the nicotine addiction. Use vaping to help you phase out the habit. The savings on the costs to your health, pocket, and social life will be well worth the effort. Think about it!