Why designer radiators have their own unique look and feel

Radiators are a necessity in our homes. They keep us warm throughout the year and create a welcoming, comforting atmosphere – but sometimes, they can look a bit plain and tend to be forgotten about. But there is a way in which you can style radiators to suit your aesthetic. Designer radiators have a unique look and can offer a huge range of designs, and colours to enhance your space. Whether you’re looking for a towel rail radiator, a brightly coloured addition, or something that is simply more effective when it comes to heating, designer radiators could be the best choice. Read on as we explore what makes designer radiators so unique. 

Variety of designs 

You may be used to seeing radiators that are plain, white, and fade into the background – they feature in many homes across the country – but they’re no longer the only option. Designer radiators are available in a range of designs so you can choose a product that is perfect for your space. Some of the most popular types of radiators include vertical radiators, column radiators, and towel rails to name a few. You can choose a design that suits your home’s aesthetic perfectly, and enhances the way your room looks, rather than simply taking up valuable space. This is what makes designer radiators different – they are versatile, and you can use the range of designs available to enhance your interior. 

Range of colours 

Did you know you can choose a radiator in a bold, bright colour for something a little more stylish than just plain white? Whether you’re looking for a sleek black or grey finish for your modern home, or a bright, bold colour to act as a centrepiece – there is a colour to suit everyone, no matter your chosen style. This is another aspect that makes designer radiators unique, they can help you create a look within your home that white radiators cannot. Your home represents you and what you love, so why not use a radiator to add a dash of your favourite colour?  

Different materials 

There is a range of different materials and finishes you can choose from with a designer radiator that can all create a different look within your home. For example, cast iron radiators are one of the best when it comes to heating abilities, but they can also enhance the look of your home too. These radiators look rustic, so can fit seamlessly into a period or traditional-style home. However, they are also available in a range of colours, so can be used in a modern home as a centrepiece with highly efficient heating capabilities. You could also choose from stainless steel, and chrome finishes depending on your preference. 

Increased efficiency 

Just because designer radiators look good, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on functionality. Designer radiators are some of the most modern on the market, which means they provide some of the most enhanced, effective results when it comes to heating. Whilst traditional, white horizontal radiators are fine, as they get older the chance of them continuing to heat effectively and efficiently reduces considerably – you may start to feel cold spots, or they may require regular servicing. Choosing a new designer radiator means you can not only create a new look in your home, but you can also choose a product that produces sufficient heat to warm your home effectively so that you can feel cosy when you need it most – not to mention the benefit it can have when it comes to reducing bills at the end of the month!