3 Tips to Declutter Your Home

You just ordered a Brow Daddy from Bowler Esthetics when you look around your living room at all the clutter around you. It’s easy to have your house get a little messy over time. We’re here to help!

Here’s 3 tips to declutter your home.

Visit a Container Store

When you’re looking to declutter your home, you’ll want to first visit a container store or purchase a variety of container sizes online. You can check out online stores like Amazon for some ideas. Containers are the perfect way to organize all of the stuff in your house. The goal is to find a place for everything.

Containers will be your best friend when it comes to decluttering your house. After all, clutter build up is usually caused by items in your house not having an easy, convenient place to put them. Containers give everything a space so you don’t end up having toys, mail, and miscellaneous day-to-day objects lying around the house.

Need, Want, Trash, Sell, Donate

Once you’ve got your containers figured out, it’s time to evaluate the clutter that’s in your house. Is it all really necessarily? If you’re a closet hoarder, this task will be difficult – yet, it’s necessary if you want to have a clutter-free home. You’ll want to separate your stuff into organized piles.

When you organize your “clutter” – separate items by:

  • Need
  • Want
  • Trash
  • Sell
  • Donate

After you’ve organized your piles, it’ll be much easier to get your house back in order. Find an appropriate, designated spot for both your need and want piles. As for the trash, find a place where you can dispose of it. The sell and donate piles are easy and self-explanatory!

Have an In-Person or Online Sale

You have your organized piles set up, and now it’s time to get to selling the items you no longer want or need. Social media has made it easier than ever to sell your items. Facebook is known to have hundreds of online yard sale groups to easily and conveniently get rid of your items while also getting paid for it!

If you’re not comfortable selling your stuff online, no problem! Depending on the time of year, host a yard sale to get people interested in buying your goods. You’ll want to see if your neighborhood has monthly yard sales, so you can time it just right. If they don’t, be sure to put a few signs around the neighborhood before the yard sale to let people know where to go. Don’t live in a neighborhood? Ask a friend or family member if you could host your yard sale at their house. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind!

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve got your house clutter-free, it’s important that you make it easy to keep up with it. After all, you don’t want to have all the mess build up a few weeks after your hard work. Be sure to use your containers and pick up your stuff as you go. Even daily “clutter sweeps” throughout the house will make a huge difference.