How To Design Your Own Poker Room At Home

Did you suddenly find yourself looking at an empty room or basement and trying to decide what to do with it? Are you looking to get or update your very own man cave?

For poker fans, a dedicated poker room might just be a dream come true when faced with a room with so much potential. Of course, a poker night can be hosted in practically any room and at any table in your house, but a poker room could be a great addition, especially when you love hosting game nights and poker tournaments.

Here are some things to consider when designing your own home poker room:


Lighting is very important in poker, as all players have to be able to see their cards easily. Lighting can also affect the atmosphere and set it for socialization or for focus and concentration.

An overhead fixture is preferred, and a dimmable switch can be added for better control. For ambience, warm lighting transforms the space and sets the mood. You can have warm lights from lamps throughout the room, or you can add recessed or track lighting. For window treatments, rich dark curtains or shades can add to the look while actively blocking out outside light for you to be able to better control the light inside the room.


Since poker is played for a long time, comfort is key when choosing furniture. You want to be able to concentrate on the game and be comfortable. The most essential pieces of furniture are the table and chairs for the players. You can also add couches around the room for other guests to watch from the sides.

The poker table is the focal point and star of the room. A good buying guide for poker tables can help you make a decision. Poker tables can range from a simple one to a table with custom features. You have to consider the size of your space, your budget, and what features you want.


What’s a mancave or dedicated game room without amenities? Amenities add comfort and enjoyment for your guests as well as ease of hosting for you. Depending on your hosting or game needs, you can be as creative as you want.

For a poker room, a big TV is a good idea for sports fans to be able to keep up with their favorite teams while playing. Speakers for music can also add to the mood. For hosting happy hour poker parties, a bar is a must. It can be simple, like a drink cart or bar cabinet plus a mini fridge and icemaker, or you can go for a custom-built bar.

Color scheme

If you really want a Vegas-type experience in the comfort of your own home, colors can do wonders. Using the color theory or the color wheel can help you find the best combinations.

For an authentic feel, you can use warm tones. If your room is large, you can get away with darker colors like burgundy, brick, or dark brown. For smaller rooms, lighter shades like gold or terracotta can add the illusion of space without losing sophistication. If you are hesitant to paint the walls, removable wallpaper can do the trick.


The way you decorate your room or your home sets the vibe of the space and helps tie your theme together.

For a classic poker room decoration, you can choose casino-themed posters or classic prints for your walls. You can also get inspiration from your favorite poker rooms for décor ideas. You can also try to add some wood paneling. Since this is your space, you can inject your personality into it by choosing different themes you want, such as sports items or artwork.

Once you decide on these factors, you are well on your way to enjoying a beautiful poker room that is truly yours. Bring on the poker parties!