How does wall décor contribute to interior design?

According to what we recognize, the purpose of decorating is to set the juncture for the finest possible existence. The well-stated decorative walls give your space the ideal finishing touch. The way you decorate your house and develop a theme influences and describes the overall environment and vibe of your home. Decor can improve one’s quality of life. It accomplishes the area and helps tie the narrative together. It can put guests at ease, making you happier, more relaxed, more convenient, and easier to manage, with more personal conversations at night and at parties. You may hire a professional applicator to install these beautiful textures on your walls. Do a bit more research into the applicator’s knowledge in materials and their work portfolio.

How about Venetian Plaster for getting a perfect finish on your walls?

In recent years, one material which has been used historically is now being reapplied in the modern world. This is the Venetian plaster. It is used vastly in Venice, Italy as far back as the Renaissance era. The plastering technique was brought over from Europe by Italian immigrants. Over the decades, Venetian plaster process has been refined and now getting more popular in Australia and Asia Pacific regions. 

Using the traditional plaster made from limestone and other minerals, now we have them in more variety of grains, and adding more texture with resins and cement. This brings about new application materials and techniques creating more designs, colors and finishes giving consumers more choices. 

While the materials are suitable for homes, these decorative plasters have also been installed commercially in offices, restaurants and hotels. View and enjoy some installation works and ideas from project galleries on how to achieve these designer finishes.  It’s commonly used on walls and ceilings to create a smooth, polished surface. Some bold designers will request for unique finishes from mixing various materials and it takes a professional applicator to be able to fill this creative gap and deliver the desired results. Many people love the look of Venetian plaster as well, they are troweled in thin layers of choice of satin, matte, and glossy finishes and hand crafted to produce the strokes and depth giving variation to the wall creating that multi-dimensional illusion. You can go from the traditional look, to rustic and all the way to minimalist urban modern feel. 

Apart from aesthetic benefits of these venetian plasters, there are many benefits of using this natural product in space, the water based materials are ecologically friendly with low VOCs making it a green product. Other benefits is that the plaster is porous and this allows the surface to be breathable preventing formation of mold so you don’t have to worry about moisture problems. You can also use it in areas that are vulnerable to dampness, including bathrooms with some additional water repellency coating.

The fact that it’s stain resistant and durable is another big advantage. You don’t have to worry about paint or other coatings chipping off the walls and leaving unsightly marks. Many people also prefer the look of Venetian plaster because it’s a natural material. This means it will be more likely to blend in with the rest of the room, so you don’t have to worry about a big contrast between your walls and the rest of your decor.

With all the benefits of this perfect material, it is a product used in the ‘old-world’ but continues its heritage in the current world and is so sustainable into the future.