9 Ways to Make a Care Home Room Feel Homely

Moving into a care home can be challenging for anyone. If an elderly parent or loved one is about to move, you’ll be keen to make sure their transition is as easy as possible, and that they can settle and start to enjoy their new life, making friends and becoming part of the community as quickly as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make their room as homely and comfortable as possible. Here are nine great ways to do this. 

Add Photos

Photos bring back old memories; they improve our mood, and they give us a great talking point when guests come around. Photos can make us feel at home and are especially useful if your loved one is having memory issues and moving to a memory care facility Creve Coeur. Try to display photos from different times in their life for the best effects. 

Focus on All of the Senses

Feeling safe and comfortable isn’t just about the things that you can see. It’s also about what you can hear, the textures that you can feel, the aroma of the space, and even the tastes that are within reach. Make sure your loved one has music and the ability to play favorites, scents that they love, soft, cozy bedding, and some favorite snacks and treats. 

Bring in Home Comforts

Home comforts are those small touches that bring us joy and warmth and can make a big difference in how we feel about our homes. Things like blankets, cushions, favorite books, and ornaments should be included. 

Display Items of Sentimental Value

Items of sentimental value are very personal to all of us, and if possible, your loved one should choose what to display for themselves. But during the move, make sure you take care of any of these items and that they are unpacked quickly.

Add Favorite Furniture

Your loved one may not have space for all their furniture, and chances are some will be sold, donated, or otherwise left behind. But if they’ve got anything like a favorite chair or dressing table, make sure you find space for them. 

Try to Replicate a Small Space

Making their room homely doesn’t mean recreating their house exactly. Nor should it — this is a fresh start, and it needs a fresh new space. But recreating a small, important area such as a reading corner, or a dresser displaying photos, can be a great way to help them settle. 

Prioritize Comfort

Comfortable bedding, seating, and other areas are a must. Make sure your loved one has high-quality bedding, and test all the seating and the mattress out, especially if you aren’t bringing your own. 

Go Shopping

A new room should have some new things, and it might be the first chance your loved one has had to redecorate and shop for home accessories and appliances for a long time. Take them shopping for some new things to mark their new start. 

Add Color

Adding color to the accessories, furniture, and even with things like flowers and plants will help your loved one to feel at home, and brighten the place up, improving their mood. 

A nice, homely room won’t mean that the move is a simple one. It’s bound to be challenging for your loved one, and you should expect them to need more support while they settle. But they will be grateful for a comfortable room that they like, and it will help them to adjust and start to enjoy themselves.