What to Look For in an Oracle Cloud Consulting Company

Oracle is a computer technology company that provides a wide variety of products and services to meet your business needs. Searching for the right Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be complicated. It’s a major decision that can’t be taken lightly.

If you already chose this solution, you probably want to move ahead with the implementation process as soon as possible. Choosing the company is just as important as the technology you use. Here are some things to look for when hiring an Oracle cloud consulting company.

Proven Track Record

The first thing you should look for in an Oracle cloud consulting company is a team with experience. Anyone can read a book on Oracle, but your business can’t afford to trust a newbie business. When the company has a proven track record of Oracle implementations, you’ll know that they’ll get to work fast, stay on budget and on task, and focus on your needs.

It’s important to find a team of professionals that can provide case studies and customer lists within your industry. They should also hold multiple awards and certifications in the solutions you want and have a history of working with larger, established companies. For example, Oracle Consulting Services by CSS lists both the Fortune 100 companies they have worked with and also why their services meet the above criteria.

If the company you choose doesn’t have experience in one of the specializations that your business needs, then you could experience cost overages and delays by hiring additional professionals to take on the task.

Easily Explained Plan

If you’ve been conducting research on business management solutions, then you probably heard of the term “simplifying complexity.” Not every software performs well on its own. It takes an Oracle cloud consulting company to provide an easy solution for your particular business needs.

You need to figure out if your Oracle company can explain your plan easily. The right company should be able to explain the details of the implementation to you and your team in a simplified manner. Search for an Oracle company who can come up with a clear plan that includes the costs, processes, roadmap, steps, and timelines. Having each of these details at the beginning makes you stick to your budget. Since they’re experienced professionals, they should be able to deliver the migration within days, instead of months or weeks.

Ongoing Assistance

With so many job descriptions and titles in the tech industry, it can be hard to determine who to talk to when your solutions are handled by different vendors. Instead of using a spreadsheet to keep track of the roles of each of your vendors, narrow your list to companies that can handle your Oracle solutions from end to end, including implementation, planning, and post-implementation.

Only certain Oracle companies are certified through Oracle’s Managed Services Provider program to host, manage, and secure each of your cloud workloads. By using one of these providers, your point of contact will provide you with accurate, fast, and relevant answers to each of your questions. They should provide tailored solutions for all of your Oracle technology needs.

Make Your Search for Oracle Cloud Consulting Easier

With these tips in mind, it should be easier to gather a list of your options for Oracle consultants. Once you have your list, there are some ways you can save time and effort with your decision. First, contact each of the Oracle consultants to get a feel for their customer service and business. Assessing their knowledge and responsiveness will provide you a better look at their customer service.

Find out about their failures and successes. While most companies are usually posting rave reviews about their services, they’re less likely to share the details of their failures. Find out if your Oracle consultant has suffered any setbacks, and how they handled these challenges during the implementation.

Next, ask for a list of references. If the references you speak to is a member of an organization, or want to accomplish goals similar to yours, this means the Oracle company you’re considering has done a fantastic job with implementation processes similar to yours.

Now that you know what to look for in an Oracle consultant, then you can use this information. This guide will prevent you from making a costly mistake.