Raiders Relocate for A Third Time


The Raiders are one of the most frequently moved teams in the NFL. Already the team has had two homes. The first two times the team was under the control of principal owner Al Davies. Then, the business man had to fight the NFL to allow him to relocate his team both times. Each time the team moved it was because of a more lucrative stadium deal.

As previous mentioned the Raiders are moving for the third time. This time they are moving to Las Vegas. Even after his death Davies’ desire to settle team only where the money is good still drives team decisions. When the team moved from Oakland to Los Angeles there was a lot of fighting in the courts. The NFL which is very strict about what team owners can and cannot do was against the move. They (NFL) however lost the case. The Raiders’ legal team managed to show that the decision against the Raiders by the NFL team owners was based on their personal feelings about Davies. The court then advised that the NFL come up with a criteria for determining the relocation petitions based on merits. This is what the league then went on to do.

The man described by the NFL owners as a maverick managed to move his team twice. First in 1982 to Los Angeles from Oakland. Then in 1995 back to Oakland from Las Angeles. But throughout his fights against the NFL in pursuit of the most desirable location of the team he did manage to force the collective to make adjustments to policy.

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