Enjoying a Night Out Safely

  1. Wear the right clothes

Wearing the wrong kind of shoes or donning the wrong dress style is a recipe for disaster on a night out. Dressing inappropriately or in conflict with your club’s dress code is guaranteed to stop your night in its tracks. Generally speaking, the more up-street the club, the more spot-on your dress sense is going to have to be. Most clubs nowadays have a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to trainers and tracksuit bottoms so it’s a good idea to avoid them completely when you’re putting your outfit together. If your night is a success, you’ll probably end up leaving the club in the early hours of the morning; at this time of the day, it’ll probably be a little chillier outside than it was the night before so it’s useful to keep a jacket with you when you head off out.

  1. Research where you’re going to go

If you have a particular place in mind, Google it before you head out and make sure you’re up to speed with its dress requirements and any need-to-known booking arrangements. Check out how much the average drinks price is, too. While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to plan your journey to and from your house well in advance, paying particular attention to how you’re going to get home. One of the safest ways to travel home from a night out is via a taxi, but there are some steps you ought to take to improve your safety. Help protect yourself in the event of problematic situations by booking your taxi in advance through a reliable taxi firm and avoiding flagging unmarked taxis down at the side of the road. Be assured there are plenty of taxis in Manchester and other big cities you might want to enjoy!

  1. Go with your mates

The secret to truly enjoying a night out is to surround yourself with good friends and good music. You won’t be able to let your hair down and truly enjoy yourself unless you feel completely, both within your friendship group and your environment. Pick bars and clubs that appeal to your music and dance tastes, and avoid including known trouble-causers in your plans.

  1. Don’t get too drunk

Although one of the most obvious reasons people go in nights out is to get a little bit tipsy and behave a tad recklessly, getting completely smashed is never a good idea. Nobody wants to end up in a fight, find themselves kicked out of a club, or making the journey home in an ambulance. Eat something substantial before you head out and try to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly throughout the night.

  1. Stay safe

No night out is complete without an unfolding drama, but do yourself a favour and stay out of the trouble. Fights and muggins are commonplace in towns these days and staying safe is key to enjoying your night out. Making sure you have enough money with you and a means of contacting someone in the event of an emergency can go a long way to helping you get out of potentially unsettling situations.