How the Queen Spent Easter

Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Church of England. As such for her Easter is a very religious holiday. This is not the case for her grandson Harry who was with girlfriend Meghan Markle in Toronto. People celebrated the Easters in different ways, other were busy trying their lucky at online casino new zealand.

As usual the queen spent the bulk of the day with family. She was seen by admirers and royal watchers alike as she made her way to the church. The monarch spent the majority of the Sunday at Windsor castle before attending mass at the chapel of St George in Windsor. Spectators got to watch the royal family following the services. Sometimes it seems that the royals cannot even play real money online casino games without someone watching. Of course, they do play the latest online casino games. After all online real casino gaming is the fastest growing hobby in the world,play for real money at kiwi casinos. Soon there will be as many online casino gamers as there are Facebook users.

Interacting With The People At Easter

Easter Holidays are another event for common people to interact with the royal family. During the festivities, young girls get to give the queen flowers after church services. The biggest public relation event for the queen is Maundy Thursday. The queen travels to a different Anglican Cathedral in England each year. On Maundy Thursday, the queen gives money to (Maundy Money) to individuals that are contributing to the church and community. The tradition began in the 13th century and up to date Queen Elizabeth has visited every Anglican cathedral in England.

The Queens Easter Egg Hunt

Although the queen organizes several Easter egg hunts she does not attend any them. The hunts take place at her multiple residences. All of which are castles. Windsor castle host one of the famous Easter egg hunts. The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace is the venue of the other Easter egg hunt. Edinburg is the venue of the third hunt. This hunt takes place at the palace at Holyrood House.