Top 3 reasons why the party in Bucharest is best in Eastern Europe

Bucharest nightlife is one of the most rewarding experiences a curious traveler can endure during his adventures throughout Eastern Europe.
For a time longer then we can remember this was an isolated city for eyes of foreigners, yet if you take a look at touristic graphs from recent years you will see a rapid escalation of progress. How did it come to be that Bucharest is today one of the most thriving party hubs of Europe? We will give you three answers to that question.

1. Colorful disco scene

The best clubs in Bucharest are no less provocative or alluring than those found on the beaches of warm seas of the Mediterranean. But, the Bucharest flavor that is added to this party powerhouse is needless to say the life-changing one. Along with bustling city center where top-notch clubs constructed the foundation of Bucharest nightlife, there are many suburban electro-dance and hip-hop events in huge communist-era concrete buildings. Bucharest is fond of Jazz too, residents of this city are by tradition more oriented to live performance and many amazing clubs and bars also host rock and roll and traditional folk bands. There will be something for every soul, have no doubt in that, so plan your club-surfing with your crew wisely and you might get the chance to experience it all in one night.

2. Who lit all that fire

If you never heard anything about how people from Balkans like to party, now it might be a good chance to hear about it all in the shortest terms possible. They are the most intense partygoers in all of Europe. Every experienced party-traveler will tall you just that. Hard times made everyone feel like every party needs to have the atmosphere of the last one on earth. Residents of Bucharest lit the fire of their party scene in the same manner and the level of their famous hospitality will above all shock you.
Regardless of what some stereotypes might say, these people are very open-minded and liberal in every view. That is the fact that fuels the energy of the new cosmopolitan image of Bucharest. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the gorgeous Romanian ladies. Every man coming for a weekend of fun should know that these beautiful creatures might be the best addition to his overall satisfaction.

3. Low numbers on any price-tag

After the fall of communism, these people went through hard times. Two decades were not enough for the most nations of Eastern Europe to stand up again on its legs and start moving in a progressive direction. Romania recently went through the same phase. Nowadays it represents a modern and urban economy where you can find any product and service you normally do elsewhere but with much more affordable prices. That goes the same way for your possible usually party-travel experiences. This might be the main reason why thousands of bachelor parties occur in Bucharest annually. From accommodation and travel tickets to a price of the food and drinks, even the exclusive places are fair priced. Shopping spree can also be a possibility since Bucharest doesn’t lack any famous brand within its city circle. Expect to pay less for more pleasure here that much is sure.