6 Low-Cost Businesses A Student Can Start Right Away

Students often struggle to find jobs and are more interested in starting their own businesses. But starting a business is not simple, and other factors need to be considered. A student does not have the luxury to start any business, s/he should only pursue the field that s/he can easily manage and is interested in. Students have been finding it hard to juggle between a job and their studies because they need to pay back the student loans that they have taken. Browse here to find out more about how you can cope with this situation.  Students, who need to start a business that is low-cost, will find this article helpful.

1. Social Media Influencer

UAE has been producing a lot of influencers for the past few years. Being an influencer was a thing no one really knew about, but just like the rest of the world, many Dubai-based influencers have been doing a pretty good job. Being an influencer is considered a serious job nowadays, and people are earning a lot from sponsoring and promoting other company’s products. You just need a large following and the knowledge about how to make the products look good.

2. Teacher/Tutor

When it comes to teaching, you can teach almost anything. Teaching is one of those things that do not require any money, just your knowledge and expertise. Teaching can include you teaching certain subjects to students, or if you know how to play certain musical instruments, you can teach that as well. If you are an expert in a selected field, you can leverage it and become a business coach. Some websites, such as Fiverr, host platforms that are great for teachers who want to make their mark.

3. Graphic Designer Or Web Developer

With the technological growth, it only makes sense that there are great opportunities for people who are expert in technology and computer software. Making excellent designs can be useful as you can do it for your clients and build a career around it. If you can know to code, then that will be a huge plus point for you. The good thing about being a graphic designer or a web developer is that you can choose who you want to work for.

4. Moving Service

Whether the students are moving back for the fall semester or are moving away to their home for the summer, movers make an incredible income. Start your moving service to help the students pack. It can be a very profitable choice once you start taking clients.

5. Resume Writing

Do you have great writing skills? Writing resumes can be technical, and many people need someone to do it. Set up your own website where you help people with their resumes

6. Event Organizer


If you have always been good at organizing the events at your college, you can do it out in the real world too. Start managing other people’s birthdays, graduation parties and soon you will start getting a decent about of income.

These businesses will not cost you much money, so get started!

About the Author:
Taylor Hill works for a financial technology company Stilt located in San Francisco which is revolutionizing the way individuals with limited or zero credit history get loans in the U.S.