Investigating the Indiatropolis. Capturing the Sites in the Cities of India

From Bollywood to beautiful sites, historic landmarks and treasured temples, India’s famous for it all. This country situated south of the Asian continent has a kaleidoscopic range of scenery and sites to entertain and enchant any tourist. Be left in a buoyant mood when bathing in India’s beaches, or awestruck when confronted with the futuristic and flamboyant architecture dotted across it. Be conformed to the colorful culture depicted across its borders – indulge in curry cuisines and chai teas, or be the spectator of the penitent pilgrims that wash in the Ganges. This astonishing terrain is one to be treasured and toured so go on a holiday to India and see these extraordinary locations for yourself.

In Jodhpur, also known as ‘sun city,’ you can see the sun illuminate brilliantly across the Mehrangarh Fort. This ancient piece of architecture is situated 410 feet above the city and is a sought out attraction for many tourist. See this huge concrete structure that’s merged powerfully from the Rocky hill foundations that it’s laid on. It’s one of the most magnificent and legendary monuments in India. Enclosed in its 36 meter high imposing walls are captivating carvings, glorious gardens, galleries, courtyards, beautiful balconies and more. The sun doesn’t only illuminate across this classic construct but it is showered in yellow lights throughout The night. You could take in the wonders that the fort has to offer, or you could also go into the museum and gain more knowledge of the building, where every imprint along the walls has a story. Capture pictures of the blue city from the peak that it sits on. You don’t want to miss out on this well preserved display of the pomp and glory of the Rajputs and India’s architecture on a whole.

A mausoleum clothed in magnificence, that’s exactly what the Taj Mahal is. With is white marble walls and intricate structure, balled peaks and the pointed towers surrounding it, it draws attention to itself from a mile away. Based in the city of Agra, it stands majestically on the banks of the river Yamuna. Go on a tour around this mysteriously magical monument and learn of the love story that is behind the history of this building – also why this Crown Palace is referred to as a ‘symbol of love’. Rightly holding its title to one of the wonders of the world the finesse and intricacy of this piece of architecture is bold and breathtaking all in one.

The Gorumara Wildlife Centre is one of the many attractions that you could see when you step foot into the Himalayan Kingdoms of India. This fascinating yet dense forest is home to a range of wildlife, from elephants, rhinoceroses, leopards, buffalos and more. Step foot into the mystical park and see an array of the faunas of India. Bring your binoculars and be amazed from one of the watch towers that surround the forest, or go on a journey throughout the foliage and witness the animals up close.