The iPad as a Tool for Photography

If you are serious about photography, be that as a professional or amateur photographer, or any other profession in which photographs are taken, then you will know how important – and difficult – it is to capture that perfect image. There is often no opportunity to take the shot again, which is why you have to really know whether you took the right shot or not. One device that has proven to be particularly helpful in this is the iPad, which is now used not just by individuals, but also by realtors, forensic investigators, medical professionals, and more.

The iPad is a great way to have a high quality camera and photo editor on you at the same time. Furthermore, the App Store is filled with important apps that can help improve the entire photography experience. It is a camera, an editor, a storage device, and lots more. So what are some of the apps you should use if you want to make the most out of your iPad?

Med Photo

The Med Photo manager has been designed for the field of medical photographs. It is designed to link straight to patient records, which means physicians can immediately see whether other, or older, photographs already exist and how those relate to the overall health and care of the patient. This is a hugely important app, for a very specific audience.


This is a must have for amateur and professional photographers alike. It tracks light, telling you exactly when the lighting for a certain shot is perfect. It also tells you what the sun’s elevation and direction is, no matter where on the planet you are, and at what time.


Clinometer is used by professional photographers and by land surveyors. It tells you precise measurements and enables you to align a picture’s frame properly.


Filterstorm is one of the most popular App Store photography apps. It is designed for amateur photographers who just want to take really beautiful pictures.


Photos is used by professionals across the board, and is a storage app that allows for easy organization. It is very important, therefore, for those who want to use their iPad as a mobile storage device as well. It allows by event, date, and album storage.


SmugMug is a cloud storage device for photographs. This is very useful, because it enables professionals to store their pictures not on their device, but on the cloud. It is particularly popular with realtors, who want to make sure their office can access photographs immediately, rather than having to wait for the realtor to come back.

These are just some of the apps that are available on the App Store for iPads and demonstrate just how many different professionals can benefit from this piece of technology. Photography isn’t just about taking pretty pictures, it is an integral part of many different businesses, industries, and organizations. With the right apps, those can make sure that they do their work properly.