Top Apps for Anglers: Tools for Planning Trips and Sharing Fish Tales, Too

Angling is a sport that has evolved with the times and now there are now plenty of ways to share your tales of prize catches and search for information on where the fish are biting right now.

Here is a look at some useful apps for anglers to have loaded on their phone, so you can enjoy an even more amazing time whenever you decide to cast your rod. There are details on how to access useful charts, social media options to connect with other anglers, plus how to tell when fish are biting and exactly what you have caught.

Leave nothing to chance when you use charts

If you are planning a fishing trip by boat there will several key bits of information that you will want access to both before and during your angling trip.

A good starting point would be to check the local weather using an app that gives you live updated details on the current conditions so that you be prepared for the elements.

In addition to checking out the local weather conditions for your chosen destination, you can also download an app like Plan2Nav by C-Map, which gives you access to marina charts and aerial photos, plus dynamic tides and currents data.

Share your catches and other tales

Anglers are part of a worldwide community who share a great passion for the sport at many different levels, and you can hook up with like-minded people using an app on your phone.

Download the Drophook fishing app, for instance, and you can share photos, stories and log catch information if you want to compete with fellow anglers.

There are some other useful features with this app that include an interactive tackle box and an auto calculator for working out size-to-weight numbers easily.

You could also try Fishbrain, which offers good fishing intel and the chance to connect with other anglers.

Ready to take the bait

If you are a regular angler you will know that timing can be everything and if you want a successful day with your fishing rod in hand, it would be very helpful to know not just where the fish can be found but when they are biting.

If you use the iSolunar hunting and fishing app there is a chance that your predictive powers will get a timely boost. It aims to tell you the peak times and dates when the fish are most likely to respond to your bait and just as importantly, when and where you might be hanging around without a bite for a while.

Identify your catch and how it rates against others

The International Game Fishing Association have produced the IGFA Mobile app to help and educate responsible anglers.

When you download this app you get access to a resource that helps you to identify the species on the end of your hook and it will also tell you whether your prize catch is actually a record-breaking fish.

In addition, you get some useful educational resources and tips on conservation.

Modern-day anglers are spoilt for choice now, and they can settle arguments quickly by showing details of their prize catch rather than using those ever-widening arms to describe the size of your monster fish to fellow fishing enthusiasts.

Christopher Bird enjoys a variety of outdoor hobbies in his spare time. A keen fisherman he also enjoys off-roading, geocaching and metal detecting.