5 Apps to have on your phone that use no space

It’s hard to always make the most out of our smartphones when there’s infinite sources of amusement and education to download out there, and not enough space to store it on. Lack of storage space should not hold us back from the advantages offered by the technology we carry in our pockets.

So, because of that, here is a list of 5 great apps that you can have on your phone, that are brilliant but also take up little to no space on your devices:

30-day fitness challenges

This app guides you through a 30-day fitness challenge that will get you into better shape than ever before. The challenges will ease you into an effective work-out that will make you sweat your fat away, leaving nothing but toned muscles.


The app has daily goals and activities for you to do, which will get your heart racing and your fitness levels up to perfection. The best thing about it is the lack of time you have to commit to getting into great shape.

Learn Piano HD

Piano is without a doubt one of the best instruments to know how to play, however what holds many people back from taking it up is the expense and time of lessons. With the Learn Piano HD app, this will never have to be a worry again. This learning app makes what was once seemingly unreachable, a walk in the park. The lessons are carefully constructed to suit your needs and is continuously being updated in order to keep up with new trends and technological advancements.

All Jackpot Casino

This downloadable software at this casino that has the advantage of offering amazing pay-outs and easy wins for its users. It offers great bonuses for fresh players, but also continues its rewards for loyal customers.

It also has the option to use a wide selection of currencies, and offers a secure way to make some cash. The app has hundreds of popular casino games and has an ever-growing choice of games added to it each month.

Stickwars Lite


StickWars Lite is a free and low storage game. It is a gripping action game that challenges your ability to come up with quick and cunning schemes in order to protect your kingdom from an army of stick figures. It is fun, thrilling and daring, as it tests the quickness of your fingertips, which tap, shake and flick, in order to battle your way to glory. Throw bombs and meteors, command wizards and spells, the possibilities are endless.


This is Apple’s iPhone app of the year. With this app, you have the choice of learning 10 different languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Irish and English. It will start from the beginning and get more advanced as you start to learn more vocabulary and grammar, until finally you can speak a whole new language completely fluently!

These are all apps which are under 40 MB, so you will barely notice a dent in your storage space, but will on the other hand notice the amazing benefits of all they have to offer.