Stand Tall and Supported

Every short person has wished they were just a little bit taller at some point in their lives. A few more inches mean you could reach the top shelf without climbing on the furniture and risking injury. A taller stature means you could command the attention of any room you walk into. Some studies even suggest height gives you an advantage over peers in terms of professional and romantic ventures. The ‘why’s behind wanting to stand a little bit taller don’t really matter; it’s the ‘how’s that do. Forget about uncomfortable elevator shoes, platforms, or high heels. Ergonomically designed height insoles are the way to go.

The best shoe lifts have a three-part construction designed to increase comfort and support in addition to height. The height specialists at Add Height achieve this by using the highest quality materials in their all of their insoles. The best height insoles involve:

  1. A Strong Foundation
    The bottom layer of a good height insole will consist of polyvinyl. This strong material will provide essential motion control that supports your heel and ankles. Its benefits will be felt all the way up the body, as its base will reduce stress placed on your knees and back, eliminating the chance of pain stopping you from standing tall.
  2. A Cushioned Middle
    The next layer should be made out of a silicone gel, which is a shock absorbing material that improves the overall feel of the insole. It enhances the support established in the base, continuing to reinforce the arch with its soft material. It’s also designed to help regulate your foot’s temperature to ensure you keep cool.
  3. Comfortable Top
    The final layer of the best height insert will consist of memory foam. Its material consists of millions of high density memory cells. This means it significantly reduces the shock of your heel striking the ground, while providing maximum comfort in any shoe in which you insert it.

These three layers combine in such a way to create a transferable insole that you can slip from one pair of shoes to the next. This eliminates the need to buy costly elevator shoes that only add height when you’re wearing that particular pair.

You don’t have to suffer through painful shoe accessories just to see how the taller side lives. If you keep these three layers in mind while you search out for height advancing insoles,you’ll add height without sacrificing on comfort. You’ll have the support you need to walk and stand with ease, painlessly reaching for that top shelf and looking people in the eye.