Gaudi’s Artwork – Simply Breathtaking

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Are you planning a trip to Spain sometime in the near future but you aren’t quite sure what you should do, where you should go or what your trip should include? Most trips to Spain usually include a trip to Barcelona, with some of its fantastic attractions such as the beautiful and quirky Sagrada Familia church and Parc Guell. Barcelona was the home of famous Catalan artist and sculptor Antoni Gaudi and so there are a number of buildings, monuments, and visual attractions around the city that are a testament to his artistic eye and that honour his talents.

La Pedrera to Palau Guell Tours

If you’re looking for a tour to enjoy while you’re in Barcelona, but one that focuses on some of Gaudi’s fantastic works, check out this great tour which shows what private living in a Gaudi house was like. This walking tour takes you to both La Pedrera nd Palau Guell, two houses which were designed by Gaudi himself and showcase some of his beautiful artwork. Led by a Gaudi expert, you can be sure that you will leave with a huge understanding and appreciation of the artist himself and all of the works that he has left behind.

So regardless of whether you’re coming to Spain for just a couple of days or more, be sure to add Barcelona and a tour through some of Gaudi’s amazingly beautiful artworks to your must see list. You certainly won’t regret it – especially after you get even just a small taste of his style and execution of his ideas.

Parc Guell

One of the most famous highlights of Barcelona, the Parc Guell was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, protecting it as part of the collection of the works of Antoni Gaudi. Work on this beautiful site started in the very early part of the 1900s and was eventually finished in 1914 and features beautiful mosaic tile art along some of the low walls, making them appear to be made purely of mosaic. Additionally some quirky shaped houses with colourful, patterned roofs dot the park and you can additionally visit the Gaudi House Museum. It also features amazing terraces, bright coloured mosaics throughout and the famous serpent/salamander at the entrance.

Sagrada Familia

Possibly the best known Gaudi work, famous worldwide, is the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. This is usually considered to be Gaudi’s masterpiece, with its strange outside, but shockingly beautiful and colourful inside. Left unfinished with work still being done on it to this day, the interior makes one think of a forest of white skeletal trees topped with brightly coloured leaves throughout. The interior of this famous church gives an air of being almost otherworldly and is a true work of Gaudi art. Additionally the Placa de Gaudi is next door, giving visitors beautiful views of the church over the small lake in the park.