Top Tips on Getting Started as a Freelance Writer

If you’re a skilled writer and enjoy writing, you may wish to look for freelance work. 

Many freelancers have the ability to take on a variety of projects, which they can use as a side gig, or even as their main source of income.

There are a number of ways to earn money as a freelance writer:

Copywriting: Copywriting entails a wide range of activities, such as, promotional content for brands, product descriptions, and writing articles for magazines.

Article Writing: Article writing for online blogs or organisations. 

Blog Writing: Writing for blogs includes learning to use WordPress, learning SEO, and following guidelines.

e-Book Writing: You’ll need to study up on different types of eBooks to be a successful eBook writer.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing: This one is self explanatory.

Technical Writing: Writing product manuals, terms of an agreement, privacy policy pages, etc.

Website Content Writing: Creating content for websites, including home pages, product pages, about pages.

Ghostwriting: Writing content for people to publish under their own name. 

Fiction Writing: It could be the ideal career path for someone with a creative mind.

Top Tips For Freelance Writers

Start Your Own Blog:

If you have a passion for something like coffee, gardening, or basketball, become a blogger on the subject. 

Blogs are a great way to develop your writing skills, shape your writing style, and become a better writer. A website provides you with an online presence and will teach you the required (SEO) strategies, making you more visible to prospective clients.

Learn Fundamental SEO Practices

Safari SEO Bristol states that there is an increasing demand for content that will move the needle for companies and your potential clients. To help their website rank high in search results, they will need content writers who understand the basics of SEO.

Make sure you know how search engine optimization works in order to help your clients’ websites increase their traffic.

Provide Top Quality Content 

Clean copy is crucial when you submit your writing work. You should always proofread and edit your work, making sure it’s top content

Write clear concise, easily understandable sentences and be sure to check your work. Incorrect punctuation, and grammatical errors aren’t acceptable. 

Welcome Feedback

Feedback from clients is an important part of your job. It is possible to deliver a perfect piece, but you will also need to edit your writing quite a bit. 

Negative feedback shouldn’t be taken personally. A writer’s job is to deliver content that aligns with the voice and tone of a client’s brand. 

In order to succeed as a freelancer, you must be tough. A successful writer takes criticism in stride, makes the changes required of him or her, and uses it to enhance their skills.

Set up your own website or blog

When it comes to becoming a freelance writer, having an online presence is crucial. As mentioned, the best way to achieve this is to start your own blog, which provides a place for sharing your content and getting feedback on it. 

WordPress and Wix offer free blogs, or you can post on Medium or elsewhere for free. Additionally, you might want to build your own website so you can use it both as a space for blogging as well as a portfolio for prospective clients.