Five Unknown Things People Make Extra Income From


If you’re finding yourself strapped for cash and wondering how other people manage to find money for their rent/mortgage, bills, food and fun, you might be missing out a key aspect of the equation – side money! Money on the side, garnered from various sources can go a long way to helping plump up the funds after the dreaded bill day comes barrelling through. Here are five things that most people make money on, so see how you can put these to work for you and start enjoying that extra income that some seem to always have.

Ebaying and Etsy

Considered a bit dated, Ebay is actually still a fantastic source for garnering some great side cash by hocking the things you don’t need any more; from clothes to jewellery to computer games and even computer game systems, Ebay is a fantastic resource to sell on your old “junk” to people who actually collect some of these old bits and bobs and will pay a fair price for them! So have a rustle through the attic or basement and see just what kind of treasures you can find that you aren’t fussed about parting with. Etsy is a similar selling site, but focuses mainly on crafting, ecourses and handmade goods to sell, so have a look on their website to see if you can sell something you craft for a bit of extra cash.

Recycling Sites

There are a number of sites around the world these days that work exclusively in recycling what we all consider to be old junk. A few of these sites include UK favourites such as Music Magpie,but these types of websites exist all over and offer real cash for your old books, DVD’s, CD’s, phones and the like. Some rarer books can be quite lucrative and bring in a pretty hefty price. Clothes as well prove quite the money catcher – as if they’re branded, such as Gucci or similar, they can fetch nearly the same price as a couple of pairs of jeans in a high street shop can!

Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour and VrTsk

These websites are absolutely invaluable to those people who have a marketable skill such as graphic design, writing, translation, or even knowledge in things like spreadsheets or administration as quite often small businesses or start-ups will hire freelancers through these sites to cover certain jobs for them as it costs them less in the long run, but can make you a fair wage on the side.

Taking an occasional risk

It might sound unlikely, and a bit risky, but playing certain online games can result in some decent payoffs. Of course, this isn’t suggesting that you go and sink the rent money into online casinos – but playing casinos and bingo online at Golden Bingo where you can take advantage of generous bingo offers can be very profitable!

Affiliate Marketing

Do you know someone who has a great blog or website that attracts hundreds of viewers per month or even week and they seem to somehow make money off some of their advertising? Chances are they are tapping into the world of affiliate marketing – where you essentially become the “part time pusher” of a brand in a “no so in your face” way as doing door to door sales. All you do is put a nice link on your blog or website that links back to a specific product or company and every time a purchase is made through your link you earn yourself some great commission!

So there you have a list of five things people make money on in one way or another. Some people will make some side cash doing things like specifically specialising in working on selling clothes or other goodies through Ebay, while others can pick up some “unauthorised” overtime at work extending their skills in graphic design or marketing to others who need their services, albeit for less than their usual wage, but hey, it’s still income!